The Criminal Intent of Compulsory Vaccinations

by Dr. Stefanie Hillinger, Independent Research Center, The Dayeng Foundation

Are compulsory vaccinations in Italy and France mass murder by the System? No argument can justify this. Putting something into the body of another human being under compulsion is not only a deliberate bodily injury, it is contrary to international law and clearly a fascist act. Everyone has the innate right to decide about his life and body. Anyone who violates this human right is unmistakably a criminal.

Every year more than 22 million children, mostly infants, die of the consequences of vaccination (an unpublished number). This exceeds the number deaths from “possible” epidemics around the tens of thousands, if not millions. This is legalized mass murder. A large percentage of vaccinated children who do not die directly from the vaccine suffer irreparable nerve and brain damage. The natural immune system is being destroyed at its earliest development.

Why does no one examine the actual ingredients of vaccination sera? We have done it internationally. Each vaccine is toxic and contains, among other things, aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde and many chemicals. What do these toxins do to a biological organism? Corresponding scientific examination reports can be requested from us at any time.

A Non-response Is A Response

For example, the measles and influenza epidemics are fictitious. But why are these lies propagated? The answer is equally simple, profit. The World Health Organization (WHO) spreads these invented anxiety reports. By the way, the WHO is directly financed by the pharmaceutical industry. Look behind the scenes and you will find an incredibly powerful and wealthy global industry. Whenever vaccine or pharmaceutical profits need a push, the WHO announces a pandemic or a few cases of measles. There is no evidence, but people are easily deceived and easily frightened. Governments then pour billions into the industry’s pockets to make a new vaccine or another toxic medication.

We have asked every vaccine organization to provide us with just ONE independent, proven study demonstrating that vaccination does not cause damage to the human organism. Send us ONE study proving that vaccinations have ever prevented an epidemic. We have sent this request to more than 70 institutes, research facilities and even to the pharmaceutical industry itself. So far, we have not received a response. The fact they cannot provide even ONE single study proves that vaccination does nothing positive.  They have no science and no research to document that vaccines do not cause damage. They cannot prove that vaccination offers more advantages than disadvantages.

Diseases of Western Civilization

Most doctors give too many antibiotics, especially to children. This can have fatal consequences. Antibiotics are very dangerous for the immune system. Prof. Dayeng has investigated the causes of immune system destructions in many countries. He has shown that most immunodeficiencies exist exclusively in industrialized countries. This is, of course, no coincidence. These diseases include cancer, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, many skin diseases, allergies and much more. AIDS is also part of this, but we have received special insights about AIDS. This topic is too long to write in a few sentences.

Conventional medicine neglects the function of the immune system completely. This can be seen, among other things, by the fact that most doctors give too many antibiotics, especially for children. This can have fatal consequences. Antibiotics are very dangerous for the immune system. But much more influences destroy the immune system systematically.

The Research Center of the Dayeng Foundation

We are an independent, scientific research center.  We work with international scientists, including Nobel laureates. Our joint research has clearly shown that where the most vaccinations are carried out, the largest number of diseases are recorded. Prof.


Prof. Dayeng has been researching the biology, especially the human immune system, for more than 20 years. On the basis of all these findings, Prof. Dayeng founded our Therapy Center in the Philippines in 2001. Patients are removed from all chemicals while they are going through our therapy. This means natural body care products and natural food. They exclusively drink natural mineral water, and juices from freshly pressed fruit. Even their toothpaste is made here from natural ingredients. In addition, water therapies and sun therapies are used to induce the body’s own vitamin D. We have treated many children whose immune system was destroyed by vaccinations. We have successfully treated children with considerable nerve damage, even paralysis, caused by vaccinations.

On the basis of all these findings, Prof. Dayeng founded our Therapy Center in the Philippines in 2001. Patients are separated from all chemicals while they are going through our therapy. This means natural body care products, natural food, exclusively natural mineral water without additives and juices from freshly pressed fruit. The toothpaste is also made here and is purely natural. In addition, water therapies and sun therapies are used to form vitamin D.

For successful therapy, a constant climate and temperature very important. The body should consume as little energy as possible. Very clean air is crucial. Our drinking water is mineral concentrated and absolutely clean. The Philippines was created from volcanoes, so the volcanic rock lies in the subsoil, which has a very positive effect on water quality. There are many fruits found only in the Philippines that have been proven to heal many diseases. However, during long transport, these fruits lose their effect.

Patients come to us from all over the world.  Quiet conversations lead to harmony and peace, an important element to switch off stress, leading to very fast healing. The patients often say that by the second day, they feel like new-born.

In Europe, the vaccination industry has now won, and in more and more countries mandatory vaccinations are being required. We fear it is only a matter of time before compulsion occurs in the United States of America also.

Human rights and human genetics and the human immune system are being destroyed more and more. Keep up the good work. The world needs to be awakened to the travesties at hand.

Dr. Stefanie Hillinger

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