Studies into back pain during pregnancy

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Research Study


Back pain during pregnancy


“Back pain during pregnancy: a prospective study”.

This study, carried out in the Clinical Epidemiology Unit at the Uppsala University, Sweden, investigated a group of 200 consecutive women attending an antenatal clinic. They were monitored throughout their pregnancies with information collected through questionnaires and physical examinations.


76% percent of the women reported back pain at some time during pregnancy.

61% of the women reported the onset of pain during the present pregnancy.

(In this group (the 61%), the prevalence rate increased to 48% until the 24th week and then remained stable and declined to 9.4% after delivery).


Back pain during pregnancy is a common complaint.

Back pain started early in pregnancy and increased over time.

Young women had more pain than older women.

Kristiansson P, Svardsudd K, von Schoultz B.
Spine 1996 Mar 15;21(6):702-9

    This study demonstrates the prevalence of back pain during pregnancy. Chiropractic… the natural alternative.


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Research Study

Low Back Pain in Pregnancy


“Sacroiliac subluxation: a common treatable cause of low back pain in pregnancy”.

This study presents a retrospective review of 100 consecutive pregnancies, involving women receiving prenatal care at a New York family practice.

Back pain was spontaneously reported to the physician by 23 women.

Eleven of the 23 women met the diagnostic criteria for sacroiliac subluxation and subsequently had their sacro-iliac joints adjusted.


Following the adjustment, 10 of the 11 women (91%) had relief of pain and no longer exhibited signs of sacroiliac subluxation.
Daly JM, Frame PS, Rapoza PA. Fam Prac Res J 1991;11(2):149-159 / Medline ID: 91281476

    This study demonstrates the effectiveness of chiropractic for the treatment of  back pain during pregnancy. Chiropractic… the natural alternative.

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