Scientists Are Now Creating Autistic Monkeys to Find a Cure

Scientists Now Creating ‘Autistic’ Monkeys To ‘Find Cure’

Autism is on the rise and that’s not a debatable point. 1 in 45 kids are now being diagnosed on the autism spectrum. But what is a debatable point is what’s causing the recent surges in diagnoses. Vaccines at one juncture were being considered top-billing for reasonable possibilities, but unfortunately, pharmaceutical influence, driven by the intuitive need to protect their own interest, changed that conversation. Research has now pushed far, far away from vaccines.

How far has it been led astray? Incredibly far, according to a new study that has Chinese scientists claiming to be giving autism to monkeys. The Shanghai researchers widely accept that the presence of MECP2 genes are the fuel for autism. By this logic, they inject the monkey’s protective egg (fetal) with the genes. They do this while the eggs are being fertilized. This isn’t completely new territory, it has in fact been done on mice in the past. Why monkeys? Well, according to the study, they are a “reliable animal model for researching the causes.”

The experiment altered the DNA of monkeys with human genes, making them laboratory models for scientists to probe the brain disorder disease which usually manifests in people displaying social interaction difficulties, repetitive behaviors and high levels of anxiety.The transgenic macaques are seen as a reliable animal model for researching the causes and possible cures of autism in humans.

I am going to take a guess here that these monkeys will not be injected with vaccines of any sort. Past that, this entire study disturbs and baffles me. If this monkeys somehow present themselves as a “reliable animal model” for humans, wouldn’t that indicate some level of complex thinking? Complex thinking, emotions, of course, would be the hallmark trait to be present in any study about autism. In this case, how ethical is this in reality? I don’t want to turn this into a PETA fueled post, that isn’t my goal, however, this actually seems rather disturbing in the way that it is presented. Either this study is incredibly unethical or ridiculously worthless. My guess would be that it is vastly both options.

What possible test will be performed to decide if the autism is present or not? And what causes do they intend to examine?

There must be a sense of irony, of course, when you consider that they’ve in essence, used monkeys in place of humans to search for causation. All the while, prominent medical community members have begged and pleaded to reconsider vaccines. We’ve even had a CDC whistleblower come forward to admit to throwing out proof that vaccines cause autism in certain demographics. However, the world of “science” has reduced itself to inserting genes in monkeys and hoping that somehow leads to something. In the end, the advanced goal would most likely be to loop pharmaceuticals back in so they can produce some sort of medication to treat (not cure) autism. To be using monkeys, we aren’t just being unethical, we are pretty much just turning the entire situation into a joke.

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