Sacramento DA’s Son Severely Vaccine Injured – The Truth is Coming Out!


Anne Marie Schubert is a long-time prosecutor for Sacramento. She’s seen all the dirt that the bottoms of society has to offer. She’s put many of them away for good. Murderers and rapists and child molesters are par for the course when it comes to Schubert’s career path. But now she’s battling a new demon and in this case, she is against the ropes for the first time in her long illustrious career.

Schubert, 53, took her son to see the family doctor in 2016. Her day was hectic as we’d expect the day of a District Attorney’s to be. Her son, who she refuses to name out of privacy concerns, was having back pains. But when they arrived at the appointment, the doctor allegedly switched the focal point over to vaccines. The doctor noted that Schubert’s son was overdue for the HPV vaccine.

After receiving the vaccine, her son collapsed. He did not break his fall, so his head slammed to the ground.

According to the Sacramento Bee:

“His head slammed full force onto the floor, which was like concrete,” Schubert said. “For a moment, I thought he was dead.”

He wasn’t dead, but within an hour, Schubert and her family would learn that her son suffered a severe skull fracture from the fall. And within weeks, they would learn something even more horrifying: The boy now was deaf in his right ear because of the trauma he experienced when his head hit the ground.

The details of her son’s fall continue to haunt Schubert. “At that time, my son never called me Mommy,” she said. “But (when he came to) he was crying, ‘Mommy! Mommy! I want to go home.’”

“I don’t cry a lot, but I cried a lot over this one,” she said.

“We had gone up to the mountains to go hiking and he had tripped,” Schubert said. “He wanted to go to the doctor in the morning, even though he had school, because (he said) it hurt really, really bad. … I thought he had pulled a muscle.”

While at the doctor’s office at Kaiser Permanente in Elk Grove, Schubert was informed that her son was due for his vaccination for human papillomavirus, which is given to boys and girls at age 11 or 12.

So what does vaccine advocate Richard Pan have to say about this? Well, brace yourself.

“I’ve seen some patients faint while we are administering vaccinations,” Pan said. “I’ve seen some parents faint while we’re administering the vaccines to their children.”

Schubert now plans to go on the attack. She says that she was never informed of any side-effects involved with this vaccine. She says that Kaiser will force arbitration per their own legal terms, but Schubert undoubtedly knows the ropes quite well. Schubert said she intends to file a petition with a federal court in Washington D.C. allowing a special magistrate administers settlements from a federal vaccination fund created by Congress.

Something tells me that Schubert is about to face her toughest battle to date, however, and that’s saying a lot considering her vast history with battling some of the biggest scum society has to offer us.

“This shouldn’t have happened, and the long term consequence is a permanent disability,” Schubert said. “He’s never going to be able to listen to music the same way again. He has constant ringing in his ears. When he walks down the street, he might not be able to hear a car coming.”

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