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  1. angela coral eisenhauer says:

    Happy to send you the proof, the screenshots, when the CDC facebook page got sprung, all run from India, and the shills, well the translation software messed up, from Hindi to English, and the software gave out the aliases. Bron Alderton, apparently a person in Queensland? was a person called Ashok posting from India. Happy to send you the screenshots. When I have a friend using a phone in USA< and I am using a computer in Western Australia, and the time lag, says hey, this is coming from India?
    How low can CDC go?
    And how low can Jill Hennessy go? Blocking me from reading her ridiculous tweets, because all the replies are from known shills, such as Dr Rachie, but heck, with a Reasonable Hank managing her twitter account? ?????????

  2. Kathy Seravalli says:

    This child reminds me of my son. He is trying so hard not to stim. Until President Elect TRUMP or Mrs. Trump come forward and let the country know that this boy is indeed vaccine injured, I want to respect their privacy.

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