Medicinal Cannabis Helps With Autoimmune Diseases

Medicinale cannabis helpt tegen auto-immuunziektes


Cannabis again proves its beneficial effects. American scientists from the University of South Carolina found that the main active ingredient in cannabis – THC – can be helpful in recovering from an overactive autoimmune system.

Autoimmune diseases

Autoimmune diseases occur because the immune system sees the body’s own cells as foreign substances. The body will then anti-substances against one’s own tissues and shapes itself in fact attacks. That can cause swelling, redness, inflammation and pain.

In an autoimmune disease, the body is attacked by its own immune system. [Photo: shutterstock / Ralwel]

The symptoms are an autoimmune disease differently. For example, someone with rheumatoid arthritis pain and stiffness, but patients with the syndrome of Sjögren suffer from dry eyes and dry mouth.

Often such disorders chronic and medication should be taken in order to combat the symptoms.

But according to research medicinal cannabis can be effective against an active autoimmune system.

Cannabis against autoimmune diseases

A study published in the scientific journal Journal of Biological Chemistry  shows that THC – the most common active ingredient in cannabis, but certainly not the only one  – the so-called structure of histones can change.

These are proteins in which DNA is bound, and which affect the activity of genes. The fabric stops DNA expression in the immune system and suppresses inflammation that way. The THC was directly inserted in this experiment in mice, in which modified the 13 microRNAs. These are substances which ‘regulate gene expression’ the.

autoimmune diseases

The effects of cannabis on the immune system has to do according to this study its effect on our DNA. [Photo: shutterstock / sumroeng chinnapan]


In easier language, we conclude that THC can potentially help in the treatment of auto-immune diseases such as fibromyalgia , arthritis , lupus , and inflammation of the large intestines ( colitis ). Also other diseases that find their origin in a disturbed immune system, such as psoriasis , MS and Crohn’s disease can be treated with cannabis.

That’s fine for patients with autoimmune diseases currently using so-called immunosuppressants. These drugs inhibit the abnormal response of the immune system. But this kind of resources also suppress the ability to fight common infections, and thus create serious side effects. They can thus better transfer in many cases to a safer alternative: marijuana.

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