Kaitlyn’s Story – Does She Have Any Choice!


Here I am sharing an email I have received recently.

Good Morning,

I am contacting you on behalf of the family of Kaitlyn Spraggon who is an 8 year old little girl from QLD who has refractory epilepsy.

She has had her epilepsy controlled with illegal cannabis oil for the past two and a half years with it even being documented by ICU Doctors at Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital in Brisbane as the “only known medicine that stops her seizures”.

She does not take any pharmaceutical medications for seizures or pain (she has a dislocated hip and spine issues) only this cannabis oil. 

No Doctor in QLD will prescribe it to her. It just goes around and around as the type she needs has THC. It is believed the THC and THCN together are what stops her seizures (the family had tried CDB and it had no impact at all) 

This is her story which was on The Project this year.

The family is currently in crisis, being told 2.5 years of QLD Health “turning a blind eye” and allowing her to use this medicine it its hospitals (over 200 medical professionals have allowed its use it is that widely accepted this is what this child needs to survive) they out of the blue last week called the police on the family so as of right now they cannot access any hospital in the state (without the police being called and her medicine taken and her being placed on life support on pharmaceutical drugs that do not work for her).

As she uses an illegal medicine she has not been able to access any school in the state since March 2016. 

Do you know any Doctor in Australia that will prescribe her cannabis oil with THC for seizures and pain at all please? 


This is absolutely outrageous. I am fuming here. What kind of people can do this and what is the justification here. How about compassion.

It is so hypocritical. Patients are unable to use medicine that helps and with no reported deaths while it is perfectly ok to prescribe drugs with potential for causing death when overdosed.

In fact, deaths due to accidental overdose of legal drugs are one of the major killers.

In my previous articles I wrote that we should focus on low THC and high CBD products.

I believe now as I continue learning that it’s not just about that. I understand that it is about individual dosing and treating each patient in a unique way.

Each patient has different requirements, depending on each unique state of their endocannabinoid system and probably some other conditions that we are learning about.

I also indicated before that the black market shouldn’t be the source for medical advice but at the same time I really want to acknowledge these wonderful people like Jenny Hallam and many others who are out there doing a great job simply helping people while risking to be imprisoned.

These people are the treasure of knowledge when it comes to medicinal cannabis, their work shouldn’t be illegal. They could teach us doctors.

Let’s not forget the time between 1850 and 1937 where doctors were able to prescribe it and it wasn’t doctors who banned it in 1937.

Einstein said that the definition of madness is when you try to solve the problem with the same consciousness that created it. I believe that policy makers and people in power still represent the same level of consciousness that led to prohibition.

These emails are telling me that we are going backwards instead moving forward.

Hope it will change, cannabis is not going to go away.

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