Infant Died After Receiving 13 Vaccines Without Mother’s Informed Consent

Last year, the U.S. National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program received 542 claims and compensated 365 people for a total of US$202 million.

To win a claim, a vaccine recipient who’d been hurt must provide proof of having received a certain vaccine and, within a certain time frame, developed a condition included in the vaccine injury table. However, parents whose children die within days after receiving vaccines are too afraid to speak up, especially when there is a chance to be ridiculed on TV.


Alisa Neathery’s baby was six months old when she decided to take him in for a round of vaccines to the local clinic in Fort Worth, Texas, where she used to live. She wanted to wait a few months so that baby Bently’s immune system could develop a bit more and she was certain he was now strong enough to receive the vaccines. The paediatrician was telling her how many children die in his native Africa because they cannot receive vaccinations and was stressing the importance of vaccines as he was preparing 13 vaccinations for the six-month baby, including three oral rotavirus doses, two triple doses of DTap, Hepatitis B, a pneumococcal vaccine and a polio shot –all compressed into three shots and one oral dose, Natural News reported.

The paediatrician told Alisa her baby boy was perfectly healthy and that he showed above average strength in his legs and stomach. When she brought Bently home that day he was twitching a lot, was very cranky and no longer made eye contact. The baby had a red knot on his leg, which was still there when she saw him for the last time prior to cremation.


It’s been three years since Alisa lost her six-month baby boy and she is now convinced that vaccines killed her son, especially since she was with him all the time, so she knew that his behaviour following the round of 13 vaccines was unusual. The mother of one [Alisa’s daughter Skyler was two years old when her brother died] was ridiculed by U.S. entertainer Jimmy Kimmel, who concluded that she was paranoid enough to think her child died because of vaccines.

The boy’s official cause of death was “Sudden, Unexpected, Unexplained Death Syndrome” [SUDS]. The medical examiner told Alisa this was one of the few cases in his entire career that he could not find an answer to, especially since there was nothing wrong with the boy. Five days after he was administered 13 vaccines, Bently was sleeping on his mother’s chest when her husband woke her up saying “The baby is not breathing. Wake up.” She called 911, but in the ambulance she was told her baby boy was brain dead. He had been fine a couple of hours earlier.


Alisa fell into a deep depression. When her friend April asked her if she suspected that vaccines killed her boy, they began to discuss the similarities in their stories [April had also lost her baby years before] and Alisa returned to the paediatrician’s office to ask for Bently’s medical records.

The medical records confirmed that the baby boy received 13 vaccinations, all in one visit, but Alisa refused to pursue any legal action because she was afraid of the consequences. After Bently’s death, her daughter Skyler was removed from her home and placed with her grandmother for four months while the mother was being investigated for the death of her son.

Alisa was “lucky”; some parents are charged with the murder of their children and sent to prison over “shaken baby syndrome.”

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