Dutch Woman Survive Terminal Cancer Stage 4 By Using Cannabis Oil

Stefanie overleeft borstkanker stadium IV met cannabisolie


Stefanie LaRue was only thirty years old when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. It took a while for the diagnosis was made, because no one believed that such a young girl had cancer. She was sent several times with antibiotics at home. And by the time it was clear that the cancer involved, the disease had already spread to her bones.
The young lady had only a year to live, and she started chemotherapy and surgery. She stopped working to focus completely on the treatment of her illness. But the disease through not stayed away. When the cancer returned in 2013 Stefanie decided – to use cannabis oil – successful. She is now cancer free and she has her life totally dedicated to breast cancer organizations where they focus on women under 40. In addition, she is committed to the medical cannabis world to accelerate development.


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