Dutch Government Being Sued For Administering Vaccinations Which Caused Narcolepsy




Parents of 14 children who have become ill by vaccination against the Mexican flu are responsible for the Dutch state.

The lawyer of the affected families sent the 14 children to the government yesterday. These are children who developed severe sleep disease after vaccination in 2009.  It is for the first time that the Dutch government is held liable for vaccination damage.

It is about Pandemrix’s agent of Glaxo Smith Kline. International research indicates that there is a very likely link between putting this sting and sleep sickness narcolepsy . This is a serious disorder that interferes with the sleep-guard rhythm. Patients fall asleep and unexpectedly asleep and may suffer from muscle cramps and hallucinations. In Sweden, Finland and Norway parents of children with this problem are already compensated. In the Netherlands so far not.

Lack of injury attorney John Beer represents the parents of the 14-member group. ” We are really convinced that this is very serious and that it has very serious consequences for a whole human life. On all fronts actually those children are disadvantaged, the government may charge it. “

Beer is also hopeful that crosses the Dutch State to a large compensation: : “It’s really our intention to convince the government that this is very serious injury lifelong problem to consequences. And then you can not sharpen the people with a shin. “

The number of Dutch reports of narcolepsy following vaccination continues to increase. According to the Lareb Updates Institute, the counter is now at 29.

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