DR. Ben Johnson: “Mammograms Cause Breast Cancer”





We give women breast cancer because we demand of them that they let make mammograms. That allows US oncologist Ben Johnson .

“Mammograms cause breast cancer. Point out, “says Dr. Johnson. “Mammograms are not healthy for women.”

“They should not make a regular mammogram,” he adds. “The scientific literature is clear about this.”

More chance

Mammograms save lives not according to Johnson. “You have four percent more likely to die if you let make mammograms.”

He says it is a terrible test. “Your breasts pressed together and then irradiated with cancer-causing radiation,” he says.

Johnson notes that mammography in only half of cases (52 percent) is effective and that there are much better tests. “Terrible test, causing breast cancer.”


He says that it is better to have an ultrasound or MRI if you have a lump or think you have something.

Self-employed dr. Johnson thermography to detect breast cancer. In thermography are temperature differences in the skin surface, as measured with an infrared camera.

It takes him as up to eight years before you have a tumor that appears on a mammogram. “Then it’s too late because some tumor consists of a billion cells.”


“The cancer is already in the lymphatic system and the venous system,” he explains. “That’s why mammograms save lives.”

This is no early detection, said Dr. Johnson. “That’s one of the lies they spread.”

He concludes: “You caused more breast cancer with mammograms detects you.”


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