Doctors must adhere to party line on vaccines

Doctors must adhere to party line on vaccines


“I was taught in medical school residency that vaccines were safe and they were effective, and that there’s absolutely no reason to question it, because we’ve done all the studies. What I’ve realized is that the safety that I want for kids, having taken the Hippocratic Oath of first do no harm, is not happening… the vaccines are not safe the way we’re told that they’re safe.

The injection of these materials has never really been evaluated in different age groups in pediatrics or in adults. We don’t know where vaccine materials travel. We don’t know if they go into the brain. We don’t know if they go into the liver. We don’t know if they go into the lymph system. We don’t know if they get intracellularly and destroy mitochrondia and nuclei.

All we know is that they give you an IgG antibody and the disease seems to disappear, but we’re not looking to see if there’s an adverse outcome greater than the actual disease process itself. And I’ve come to a position where there’s not enough information to say that vaccines are sufficiently safe to warrant the kind of usage of these vaccines the way we’re implementing these policies. And, in fact, in many cases, some of the adverse effects of vaccines may even be greater than the adverse effects of the actual diseases.

And I’m concerned, because I took that oath of first do no harm, and I see first-hand what’s going on with the vaccines and how it’s affecting children’s health. I did not turn my back when I heard parents after parents, in the dozens, in the hundreds, and then in the thousands, start to say that their children were fine, and then they got vaccinated, and then something really bad happened to them, acutely, or within days or weeks or even months. Those parents were told… a hundred percent of the time by the conventional medical system, it’s a coincidence, couldn’t possibly be related to the vaccine.

As a person who’s curious about science and questioning, it became obvious to me that there may not be a coincidence here, that something more may be going on. … I think it’s hard for any physician who is so invested in the love of their children and the love of their practice to actually step back and say… Am I doing something that’s hurting the children in my practice? Because the foundation that’s broken after they may realize that there’s more that they knew, that they actually were wrong… you know, telling a physician that they’re wrong is not an easy thing to do, let along to have the physician actually admit that the physician is wrong.

It took me years to say, I don’t know, or maybe I was wrong. In such a litigious society, it’s very hard for physicians to actually say, I don’t know or maybe I was wrong or maybe I did something that I didn’t know was harmful. … So the physicians have to adhere to this one party line voice that says… vaccines are safe, they’re effective, and you must get them. There’s no room for disagreement. And to disagree with that means you’re disagreeing with the one party line, the paternalistic body that says you must listen to me. And then we’re no longer dealing with actual medicine, we’re dealing something very different.

And I would go so far as to say that the people who hold true to that vaccines are completely safe, completely effective… oh, well maybe there are a couple of side-effects that happen occasionally. But if the adherents who say that vaccines are safe, they’re effective, you must get vaccinated or your child will die, if you don’t vaccinate you’re the one who’s going to infect everybody else, somehow vaccines eliminate the presence of organisms in those who are vaccinated… another myth that people propagate … I think that parents are waking up to the fact that we can’t trust you when you say stuff like that. If fact, we are repulsed by your authority when we hear you say things like that.

What we need is a little more humility, because I trusted and this is what happened to my kid. You can’t tell me it’s a coincidence… because I know, and my friends know, and my relatives know, because we have all these autoimmune diseases and chronic inflammatory diseases that we didn’t have, and now we have all these vaccines and we’re seeing things happen. We know, and you’re not listening. So if you’re not listening, we’re going to find the people who will, and really the people who are listening are the parents.

And what you need is a critical mass of parents who are going to be able to go into the legislatures, because the legislatures are parroting the ideology, because they’re not as scientifically based as the physicians or as the parents. They’re just following the lobbyists who tell them, from the manufacturers, from the medical organizations, from whatever other lobbyists are there, that vaccines are completely safe and effective. And this is what they do.

But the parents are getting in there, and they’re fighting, and they need to keep fighting and educating, because they’re the ones who are home with the kids, they’re the ones who are seeing the changes, they’re the ones who are reading the literature and seeing that there are a tremendous number of scientific studies that are proving that vaccines may not be as safe and effective as we thought they were.

And the only way to create this dialogue is for those parents to bring it out, because the media won’t report it because they’re part of the lobbyists that are making sure that this information doesn’t get out.”

— Larry Palevsky, MD


  1. The doctor Reply

    I understand your concern especially about the fact that we don’t know where vaccines go like in mitochondria or brain etc. perhaps this should be the focus of new studies . However we live in an era where smallpox is not killing thousands , where polio is not crippling millions and diphtheria is a rarity . All thanks to vaccines

    • truthlibraryinfo Post authorReply

      Well that again is open for debate. Studies/articles that are also published on this page say the it might have to do with better and cleaner living circumstances.

      • The doctor Reply

        Ok man though I don’t agree with the sanitation myth since vaccines saved lives even in parts of the world which are still not clean I get your point. You are trying to be fox mulder and that’s a compliment btw. I didn’t know you couldn’t sue vaccine maker in us. That’s a little too far

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