Cannabis Oil and CBD Usage with ADHD – Background and Effectiveness

Cannabis bij ADHD – Achtergrond en werking



Everyone probably knows someone with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) or the common subtype of the disorder, ADD (attention deficit disorder). The neurological disorder is estimated namely by 30,000 to 100,000 children and ultimately lingers at about two percent of the adult Dutch population.

Ritalin can cause permanent damage to the brains of children

ADHD is sometimes called an attention deficit disorder and is characterized primarily by a lack of attention to the environment. There are different forms of the disease. Children (and adults) with ADHD can concentrate difficult and often ‘dreamers’, especially in the type of ADHD-I. In ADHD-H, the symptoms tend more towards hyperactivity, and impulsivity. These symptoms occur in combination most often, and which form of the disease is ADHD-C.

Medication for ADHD

The chaos in the brain of someone with ADHD is caused by a disturbance in the neurological traffic signals that send our brains. In healthy people is the traffic fine. But a person with ADHD is similar to the traffic rush hour in India, complete chaos. Especially the stimulus dopamine shoots uncontrollably through the head so that the person becomes over-stimulated constantly.

Regular medication for the illness are the stimulants Ritalin or Concerta. The active substance in the heavy chemicals is methylphenidate, a related substance of amphetamine. These pills take care of both the release of dopamine and norepinephrine (also a neurotransmitter) as well as blocking the re-uptake. So they bring order out of chaos, but not without consequences.

The chaos in the minds of people with ADD is like rush hour in India. [Photo: shutterstock / Radiokafka]

As many as one in three children suffer because of side effects from these drugs. They may suffer from a lack of appetite, can not sleep, headache, abdominal pain and physical symptoms as nervousness, anxiety and irritability. It also appears that Ritalin  permanent damage  may cause the brains of children.

Cannabis in ADHD

A drug that helps relieve ADHD without this unpleasant side effects cannabis. People with ADD also use more than average weed, often unconsciously as self-medication. For many patients, cannabis biting what they need to deal with concentration problems and hyperactivity.

That says Dr. David Bearman from California: “Cannabis can definitely tackle ADHD and side effects are much milder.” What process is responsible for the operation of cannabis as a medicine for this disorder explains Dr. Bearman in this video .

Cannabis is a safe alternative for treating concentration disorders such as ADHD. [Photo: shutterstock / Eris and Edrington Co.]

German scientists did a long-term experiment with cannabis in ADHD. Above 30 ADHDers tested the effect of unprocessed marijuana buds on their illness. They reacted rather not traditional medicine but left all know to suffer less from the symptoms of their condition through the use of cannabis.

Respondents showed namely ‘improved concentration and sleep and reduced impulsivity’ experience with cannabis. ADHD is also in Germany in the list of diseases that you qualify for legal medical cannabis according to the new law .

Cannabis for children

It does not give directly to children guess THC, for example the shape of cannabis oil. Adults can certainly benefit from the psychoactive substance on the symptoms of the disease. But the brains of children are in the development stage and would therefore much THC it maybe can cause damage. Children can therefore give the best CBD oil to combat the symptoms of ADHD with cannabis.

In very severe cases of CBD can not work or provide a solution small concentrations of THC in combination with CBD. Think so, the chemical medications they get from the doctor might be more harmful to young developing body.

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