Brazilian article questioning link between Zika and microcephaly

Causa da Microcefalia não é Zika Vírus, pode ser as vacinas em gestantes; diz estudo.



Cause of microcephaly is not Zika virus, can be vaccines in pregnant women; study says.
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Study author. Dr. Pliny Bezerra dos Santos Filho, PhD conducted study and signed complaint with the Attorney General. It is worth checking.

“Microcephaly in Pernambuco and Brazil. I have done a complaint signed by the Federal Public Ministry. See below:

Crime complaint against the Brazilian population, a series of blunders and procedures carried out by the Ministry of Health, SUS, its associated institutes and their governing authorities, which have caused and continue to cause the current crisis MICROCEPHALY (MC) in Brazil. more detailed and specific analysis of data and facts relating to the State of Pernambuco.

Author: Dr. Pliny Bezerra dos Santos Filho, PhD
Postdoctoral fellow by the American universities of Harvard, Washington University in St. Louis and North Carolina State University; Doctorate from Washington University in St. Louis; Master and Bachelor of Physics by UFPE; Practice areas: MRI, with work in neurology, prostate, Solid State Physics, among others.


The crisis of microcephaly (MC) that arose in the state of Pernambuco, with a peak of cases in November 2015, is not due to ZIKV virus and is not an epidemic. Four main facts-because there are and clearly explain the data, case numbers and periods of notifications.

The data that I report here and analyze are in the public domain, in the press and the Ministry of Health and can be checked. I was not allowed access to the most comprehensive official data and accurate, which, in my view, would make this complaint even more evident by pulling back the peak of microcephaly in Pernambuco back in time in a month or more. Me I stick the state of Pernambuco, a large part of this complaint, it is what has made public data more fully and is also the starting point of the compulsory notification of MC in Brazil.

4 facts-because that explain the chart temporal behavior that are present:

A) The peak number of cases in Pernambuco corresponds to a first trimester of pregnancy between January and April 2015 with microcephalic births. This is due to the vaccination of women of childbearing age against measles with the MMR vaccine containing the live virus rubella. In Ceará, this measles vaccination in women in fertile period with the MMR vaccine continued until mid-April;

B) The alarming number of cases that begin to appear in August-October 2015, causes compulsoriedade by the Ministry of Health, microcephaly notification throughout the country. The obligation to notify the Ministry of Health increases the peak and extends the graphical curve around its maximum;

C) The cause which led to the peak of cases of microcephaly in November 2015, the data for Pernambuco, is thin and is replaced today by another fact-cause although present in the initial notification was little evident. In November 2014, the Ministry of Health includes vaccination Difiteria, Tetanus and Pertussis prenatal protocol pregnant women in the last trimester of pregnancy, from the sixth month of pregnancy .; and

D) The peak of dengue cases in the state of Pernambuco is between March 20 and April 10, 2015 and would require, by association, since we have the same mosquito vector, a peak in microcephaly chart between late December and early January 2016 and not in November 2015 as we had. This, by itself, pose possible effects of ZIKV like microcephaly-causing in minor and not as the main cause of microcephaly.


We must remember that a human pregnancy has an average of nine months.
The microcephaly graph in Pernambuco, notification-a-notification in time, shows an event with maximum in about November 20, 2015, RED curve; all the reported cases is presented in BLUE curve.
The curves are based on simple statistics, such as those used for analysis of epidemics. The number of cases is associated with your instant notification in time.

Three colored rectangles record in the chart, areas of interest:

i) The red rectangle, September 20, 2015 to January 18, 2016, marks the region of the curve with microcephaly notifications in Pernambuco;

ii) Taking the center of the red rectangle and retreating all this red rectangle nine months in time, a pregnancy, we have the violet rectangle. The violet rectangle corresponds to the region in the time from January 1 to April 30, 2015. A birth microcephalic in the curve of the red rectangle is necessarily a pregnancy early on violet rectangle, when average 9 previous months;

iii) The yellow rectangle, November 8 to December 31, 2015, corresponds to the measles vaccination in Pernambuco by SUS. Possibly due to the World Cup of Soccer, many states and mostly in the Northeast, had measles in almost epidemic form, between 2013 and 2014;

iv) The red and thin curve between February 15 and June 30, 2015, with its peak in early April, records for completeness of this complaint, the Dengue epidemic in Pernambuco in 2015.

FACTS, CAUSES, from A to D, above:

A) TRIPLE VACCINE: The public and official calls for measles vaccination in Pernambuco, the Ministry of Health and NHS were from 8 November to 31 December 2014. This was due to the hundreds of measles cases in PE and CE .

In Ceará, vaccination was extended until mid-April 2015 and including visits to home vaccination. The official call, the call is made for the vaccination of women of childbearing age against measles. If a woman of childbearing age get pregnant within 3 months after vaccination or if you are pregnant early in pregnancy and do not know the effects of Rubella Virus MMR vaccine are devastating to the fetus and have been known for decades. Problems brain injury, visual or heart in the fetus / newborn can be found in facimente deviso literature rubella.

What is now disclosed as ZIKV is easily associated with rubella. And yes we had a major vaccination with the MMR vaccine in Pernambuco at the end of 2014. According to the microcephaly chart for Pernambuco, Fig. 1, the maximum of the curve corresponds and can be associated with the MMR vaccine used for measles. The microcephaly then is the side effect of the rubella component of MMR vaccine for Measles, Mumps and Rubella. This error is grotesque and there.

We must also bear in mind that the rubella virus causes, if not abortion, congenital rubella syndrome and microcephaly is only a manifestation of the classic triad: microcephaly, cataracts and deafness.

See the speech of Pernambuco health secretary at the time:,541564/dia-d-de-campanha-de-vacinacao-contra-poliomielite-e-sarampo.shtml

This call was made by the various health departments in the northeast, on the recommendation of the Ministry of Health.
Because of the MMR vaccine in women in the fertile period, cases of microcephaly will continue until nine months after the end of this vaccination, over the initial period of operation of this vaccine in the body of the young, which gives us an effective total of at least 12 months after the vaccine was taken.

As another example fact, here is a call for measles vaccination in Ceará:

It is the case of vaccination with the MMR vaccine in pregnant women. That may have happened, gross error, but I have not been the norm. I refer to women who became pregnant after being vaccinated.

We have our major cultural festivals year-end 2014 and the Carnival of 2015. The charts indicate early pregnancy between January and April 2015 in Pernambuco. And the effect of the vaccination lasts rubella months and these were associated with the first trimester of pregnancy.

Also, I am not referring to expired or contaminated vaccines in this case of measles with the MMR. I say that vaccination was effective and far-reaching in Pernambuco health facilities.

The Microcephaly that presents 9, 10, 11 or 12 months after a fertile young been vaccinated with the triple is due to the rubella vaccine component.

Please note this possible dialogue between an attendant in a health post and a young woman who was taking measles vaccine:
– I came to take the measles vaccine. An acquaintance of mine has measles.
You are pregnant?

– No.

Its portfolio of vaccination … etc.

They become pregnant in the next 3-4 months and have a very high percentage of cases of involvement of the central nervous system of the fetus, due to contamination of the fetus in the first trimester of pregnancy.
Nothing clearer than this to explain how in the Pernambuco microcephaly appears with numbers unreasonable in November 2015, from the coast to the hinterland, at the same time.

The measles vaccination was officially satisfactory in the state, according to the State Health Department.

The explosion of microcephaly in Pernambuco causes the next fact-case:

B) below.
B) NOTIFICATION COMPUSÓRIA: The alarming number of cases that begin to appear in August-October 2015, causes compulsoriedade by the Ministry of Health, microcephaly notification throughout the country. The obligation to notify increases the maximum peak of the curve on the graph and extending around its peak to Pernambuco.

Here in Pernambuco there were considerable obstacles even for doctors, to deepen the existing microcephaly data in the State Health Secretariat. The SES received the Statement of Live Birth (DNV) of every state to scan and so centered data. It turns out that DNV does not contain the anthropometric data of head circumference, only birth weight, gestational age and Apgar score.

The notification of birth defect (including microcephaly) was dependent on the observation of the declarant (usually a pediatrician). Therefore, the only true way to access data on microcephaly was to make an active search in the records of hospitals.

Probably because of this, the Ministry of Health makes compulsory the reporting of cases of microcephaly in Brazil in late October 2015. But it is not clear at this point that all states shall notify all of their cases.

C) VACCINE DTP AFTER SIX MONTH PREGNANCY: Were it not for the “mistake” operational due to vaccination of young ovulating measles in the Northeast, hardly would know the effect of DTP vaccine that is causing microcephaly in Brazil at present.

In November 2014, the Ministry of Health includes the Tdap vaccine Difiteria, Tetanus and Pertussis prenatal protocol pregnant women in the last trimester of pregnancy, i. e., from the sixth month of pregnancy. The cause that caused the peak of cases of microcephaly in November 2015, in Pernambuco, is thin and is replaced today by this other fact-cause although present in the initial notification was little evident.

In 2014, large public disclosure was made as to utização the Tdap vaccine (the a stands for acellular) as part of prenatal care of pregnant women national protocol. It was served an agreement between the MS-SUS for transfer of Tdap manufacturing technology in Brazil, with technical support from GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals (GSK).

The Butantan Institute, which only produced and still produces the DTP or DTPw (with live bacteria Bordetella pertussis, the attenuated pertussis) to the national immunization program, would produce the vaccine without live bacteria Tdap vaccine, used in the first world.

The DTP vaccine is no longer produced by most of the world pharmaceutical industries. SUS still uses the DTP to vaccinate children from 2 months to 7 years. It was also announced in 2014 that the Ministry of Health acquired the Tdap in the international market, 4 million doses at a cost of R $ 87.2 million, which would cover the 2.9 million pregnant women and adults in 2015, but that gradually replace the DTP for Tdap for everyone.

The problem with DTP or DTPw vaccine (attenuated), which stopped being used in the US in 1995, is that it causes, among other conditions, microcephaly. This is where the problem appears:

a) in mid 2015, the Ministry of Health announces that he can not buy the Tdap in the international market, it is “no”, and announced its exchange for the penta-valent vaccine, manufactured by Instituto Butantan in Brazil.

This is quite strange, because in the private health system in Brazil, a pregnant woman can take, paying the Tdap not at fault.

Wonder where did the 4 milnões of Tdap doses for pregnant women and health personnel who would be used in 2015?

Why in 2105 any mention of the technology transfer agreement for the production of Tdap with GSK disappear in Brazil?

Also, the very Tdap vaccine is not recommended for use in pregnant women by laboratories that manufacture, and it is written in the leaflets of these vaccines.,504482/tres-tipos-de-vacinas-estao-com-estoque-zerado-no-df.shtml

D) The ZIKV: A cause and effect due to ZIKV necessarily accompany the epidemic caused by the mosquito vector. It’s not what the BLUE curve, Fig. 2 shows.

At this moment, since after the peak in Pernambuco, the curve tends to a constant cases per day, which requires in any study epidemics, a constant daily cause of contamination.

The mosquito vector, Aedes aegypti, is the same for Yellow Fever, Dengue, Chikungunya and ZIKV. It is reasonable to assume, at least in the first order, that the period of a dengue epidemic was associated with a ZIKV epidemic in time. It is the same mosquito. The incubation period of dengue fever in man varies from 4 to 10 days, averaging 5 to 6 days; after this period appear symptoms of dengue; for ZIKV this is under study at the moment. But the number of cases per day is very high and is presented as a constant, an average of 15 cases day since the end of November 2015.

The cause of constant effect, microcephaly cases, requires a constant contamination. VACCINE DTP, the version used by MS-SUS is this cause, because all pregnant women should be vaccinated after the sixth month of pregnancy. Here is a constant that did not exist before November 2014 and this explains why throughout Brazil est’å presenting cases of microcephaly.

To ZIKV the curve would rise, following the increase of aedes, as we have in the mass official propaganda at this time. But the chart behavior requires CONSTANT cause! Dengue in Pernambuco was between 15 February to late April. This would mean, if the ZIKV, which is the same aedes dengue, a large contamination during this period. It turns out that this would shift the curve of microcephaly for mid-January 2016 and this would not be in November 2015!

The peak of dengue which is on April 15, would cause a region of cases centered on January 15, as we have here!

Dengue PE 2015

Question also of the tags used to identify the ZIKV, IgG, which appears in contamination by rubella / rubella, making it non-specific, thus requiring a search for DNA ZIKV, or a specific tag is unique, to validate the presence ZIKV tests on samples from babies with microcephaly.

From what I show, the causes that provoke and cause the large number of cases of microcephaly in Pernambuco are associated with two vaccines:

a) the vaccine triple mistakenly given to young ovulating and b) the vaccine used for pertussis in Brazil by MS-SUS. Pernambuco had, I believe, 60 municipalities with measles in 2014. It was the official recommendation of the Pernambuco State Health Department that the measles vaccination was done in all the vulnerable population in these municipalities and those who had any contact with affected these municipalities. Only this finding explains why microcephaly appears throughout the state of Pernambuco at the same time. But this is only the initial peak of microcephaly curve for PE. The peak width, has to do with the notification become compusória. Current reports no longer has to do with the MMR vaccine. The current status of 15 cases per day of microcephaly in Pernambuco is related to the DTP vaccine, DTPw (and their other acronyms) to difiteria, tetanus and pertussis, given the “all” pregnant women from the sixth month of pregnancy.


Stop any vaccination of pregnant women or young people in the fertile period in Brazil!
You easily find what I present here:
1) Just analyze the vaccination cards of mothers with children with microcephaly, for example;
2) Make the intersection of the data of the municipal vaccination station, in 60 municipalities of PE with the occurrence of microcephaly with measles vaccination;

3) With complete official data, every state of the federation may have cause-effect curves plotted for microcephaly;

4) assess the responsibilities of all institutions and their authorities in the persons of their representatives contituídos, for errors and procedures that are causing this large number of cases of microcephaly throughout the country; and

5) Ending this apparent farce you want to single out the ZIKV the cases of microcephaly in the country, when we have two glaring reasons that explain why the absurd quantodade cases of microcephaly in Brazil.

I put at the disposal of the MPF for further information and for the transfer of large amounts of documents, materials and scientific articles that researched to assist the investigation. ”

Dr. Pliny Bezerra dos Santos Filho.
January 22, 2016.

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