Attack ADHD With Diet and Medication is no Longer Necessary





With diet ADHD to attack, medication no longer needed

EINDHOVEN / WAGENINGEN – A modified diet benefits six out of ten children with ADHD. A large study in Wageningen has to show how this works.

A sometimes unruly 7-year-old boy with ADHD that turns into a sweet and quiet little boy, purely through an adapted diet. It sounds almost too good to be true, but for this Eindhoven family it is reality. ,, a week and a half after starting the diet we could stop the Ritalin. I’m going to burn the last pills, now that we are almost a year away, will soon be ritually burning, “says the mother who wants to do her story anonymously to protect the privacy of their son.

In Wageningen, Dr Saartje Hontelez and Dr Juri Matualatupauw are ready to do scientific research among a hundred boys with ADHD who follow the so-called fewfoods diet, also known as the  RED diet  .

Brain scan

A brain scan is made of the participants before and after the few-food diet. This so that one can see what the influence of the diet is on the functioning of the brain. In addition, research is also being carried out into the effect of the diet on bowel function by means of examination of blood, urine and feces.

In this research, Wageningen scientists work closely with the Eindhoven health scientist Dr. Lidy Pelsser. She has been researching the relationship between food and ADHD for many years and leads the Pelsser RED Center in Eindhoven. In 2011 she published an article in the scientific journal The Lancet about the relationship between ADHD and food. There also doctors from among others the Catharina Hospital Eindhoven and the Radboud Hospital Nijmegen participated.

This study showed that diet was the cause of ADHD in six out of ten children who had taken the few-food diet (RED diet). After following a fewfoods diet (5 weeks) their ADHD was gone and had become ” average ” children.


The Wageningen research that has recently started aims to make the few-food diet ultimately unnecessary. That a simple way is found to show in which children with ADHD nutrition plays a role. In this way, research into the relationship between diet and ADHD becomes easier and more accessible for more families.

,, We have already started with the first children, »says researcher Hontelez, the search for children who can participate is still ongoing, but there are plenty of participants to start in. They must be right-handed boys between 8 and 10 years old with ADHD. (Attention-deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) This is because the brain activity of right-handed people is different from that of left-handers.Hontelez expects to be able to come out early in the beginning of 2020 with the first conclusions.

The effect has already been proven for the Eindhoven mother. After his own research, the couple from Eindhoven came into contact with the Pelsser institute, which prescribed a RED diet for their son. Now almost a year later they know that food was the cause of his ADHD in their child. For example, he responds to beef, eggs and legumes. As long as he does not get these products in, their son is a ‘normal’ child without ADHD. ,, Compare it with an allergy to cats. as long as you do not have them in the house, nothing is wrong, “says the mother.

She  wants to draw the attention of Hontelez and Matualatupauw to the attention because not all hundred needed boys have been found. “As a mother, I want to do everything possible and reach as many parents as possible who, like us last year, were searching.”

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