Why are those who oppose war (the left) so easily fooled into supporting those who are for war (such as Clinton)?


I must admit I am flabbergasted by the people holding street protests in the US against the Trump Presidency whilst crying over Hillary Clinton losing the election. They are meant to be against war, however, they are apparently so brainwashed by the leftist mainstream media that they are willing to push the world to the brink of war.


I can understand that they have been brainwashed by left leaning media since the day they were born, but I heard an outspoken former US Marine recently state on RT:

“Only the dumbest of the dumb could possibly believe the US mainstream media- including their lies regarding Syria”.


I find it hard to disagree.

Ignorance is not bliss; it’s actually dangerous.


These individuals didn’t even like Hillary Clinton (they were Obama fans originally and even Obama used to detest Clinton). Most were fans of Bernie Sanders and I am sure Bernie doesn’t think much of Clinton.

So, they should get over themselves and wake up to their own reality along with the many left leaning celebrities embarrassing themselves by being sore losers and ensuring they become irrelevant.

If they are stupid enough to vote thinking it’s a popularity contest, they don’t deserve the right to vote.

To vote Clinton because you don’t like Trump means you are allowing those that seek to control the world in ways other than democracy to divide and conquer and also mislead the voters.

Allowing this to happen can cost lives.

I don’t care much for Trump or Clinton.

I personally liked Bernie Sanders. However, Clinton effectively rigged the Democratic nomination from Bernie Sanders. She is the enemy of democracy, not Trump. A Trump versus Sanders is what the people wanted and it will teach the Democrats a lesson for going against their own voters to push Clinton. Therefore, they should they blame themselves and not Putin.

I stand for preventing wars for the sake of profit that kill millions of innocents.

And I hope you feel the same way.

Because of that I am excited by a Trump Presidency and the fact he wants warm relations with Russia and wants to work with Russia to destroy ISIS. Of course the CIA doesn’t want this, as the CIA is behind ISIS, just like they were behind Al Qaeda. Don’t you think it’s strange that these terrorist groups drive around in US provided military vehicles and carry US Weapons?

Why should America not have good relations to the only other super power when it comes to nuclear weapons in Russia?

Also, Putin is by far a smarter leader than any western country can ever hope to have.

He isn’t perfect, but let’s stop looking for perfect leaders. Leaders are human therefore perfection is impossible.

Moreover, he isn’t a war monger like Clinton and the military complex she is a stooge and puppet for.

Clinton would send the world to World War III. That would be worse than Obama dropping 26,000 bombs last year alone across half a dozen countries, which wasn’t even to stop ISIS or terrorism.

Clinton is one of the most corrupt politicians on the planet. She is also one of the most pathological liars to ever speak in public.

Did you notice, as soon as she lost the elections, the hundreds of millions suddenly stopped pouring into the Clinton Foundation bank accounts?

It’s because she has no more political power, so why pay bribe money (sorry donations) to the Clintons anymore?

But the leftist media ignore that and instead attack Trump.

In this day and age most people are not stupid enough to believe the mainstream media (MSM). The MSM have become a laughing stock with most of their former readership now following alternate news sources. This played a major factor in Trump’s victory.

Trump got a lot of smart voters who don’t even particularly like him.

But they are smart enough to put aside personality politics and go for the safest bet to steer the world away from war.

Trump is not a puppet or stooge of the establishment and the elite who try to rule the world from the shadows of society and via shadow governments?

We should be thankful for leaders such as Putin and Xi Jinping, especially since our past western leaders were sold out to the psychopaths trying to send us into World War III for the sake of profit and some gas pipelines through Syria. Moreover, let’s not forget the American coup in Ukraine and the US trying to steal the Russian protectorate and Russian Navy base off Russia known as Crimea.

Until these left leaning individuals discover the truth and the fact that they are being played and manipulated by the George Soroses of the world (who is paying money to those who will stage fake protests to support the very thing they oppose), they are a threat to peace on earth.

Education is the key and that starts with questioning anything dished up by mainstream media or any other source.

The world needs critical thinkers and those who refuse to be politically correct.

We all need to take a stand and speak up.

Silence allows corruption, which in turn allows the West and its allies to murder innocents in places like Syria, Libya, Iraq and so on.

Trump has started a new era. Whether we like him or not is not really that important anymore.
It’s a chance to change the world and avert more wars that endanger the lives of many innocents.

Jamie McIntyre is the founder and leader of the anti-establishment party- 21st Century Australia Party.

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