US Senators Graham and McCain Caught Inciting Ukraine To Attack Russia – Video Included

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  1. Williambtm says:

    The facts that prove that McCain and accomplice are boosting the cause for the anti-Russia propaganda does arise from within America can no longer be refuted. America calls all the shots, visiting their created former Ukraine conflict that has cooled.
    In comes McCain extolling that war is the only option open to Kiev.
    Of course, this will also create the means of which will see the US Military entering through the back door of the Ukraine territory to then engage themselves in another American created war but always in the country of others.
    Detestable American foreign war-mongering by certain US government Senators being the usual prompting utilized by the distrusted elements within the USA put to the task by many of America’s former government administration Presidents.
    Utterly detestable American foreign policy with the purpose to create killing fields in countries not their own.

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