US MIlitairy Worlds Largest Polluter – Hundreds of Bases Gravely Contaminated

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  1. Williambtm says:

    An interesting evaluation of further life destructive exercises wrought upon this World by the unforgiving continuance by the US military machine of great damages done to the life of humans, the World’s Flora and Fauna since poisoned, or blown into infinity, then the lingering irredeemable harms and the plethora of World-wide marine life and the many ecosystems once spread across the World’s international boundaries, never to return. or ever be seen again.
    I had previously written a substantial comment below a You Tube video of the many visible on-land skeletons of war and the remnant aftermath of US ill-destined military invasions upon many smaller untroubled countries across the World.
    Let the World be released from the most devastative, destructive, toxic-afflicted and also the enormously reduced life potentials of so much and so many, by the one hugely overlording Gorgon that does little more than create the ever increasing rate of death.
    Come thy iconic creator of death, hurry now deliver your poisonous sting.

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