UK Labour Candidate De-Selected After Speaking Out About Pakistani and Afghani Grooming Gangs


LABOUR candidate Amina Lone has been DE-SELECTED as a future Labour candidate because she stood up against Muslim grooming gangs.

Ms Lone has been a key voice in Manchester’s Muslim community by speaking out against systematic abuse by Pakistani men in the Muslim community.

She also rallied support for axed Shadow Equalities Minister, Sarah Champion after she was forced out by Jeremy Corbyn for speaking out against grooming gangs.

Labour Activist Drew Walsh was highly critical of the decision to de-select Ms. Lone and said:

‘Councillors who do not fit in and comply are sidelined or, worse still, removed from the council.

‘A number of councillors, often women and some with family commitments, have stepped down having been pressured to do so.

‘When you have the power and people are not prepared to speak out, you can do as you wish in Manchester Labour party.

‘This shames all of us in Manchester Labour and must be stopped.’

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