Turnbull Government Moves to Slash safety Testing Regulations on Dangerous Chemicals

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  1. Williambtm says:

    Times have certainly changed for the worse, what value is available to the people of Australia by continuing to vote in a government of no practical worth to the lives of the Australian people.
    Irrespective of the Senate members suggesting a line of impartiality, Australia can only improve as a nation without the treacheries of a Liberal government to further endanger our lives.
    Surely it is time to revoke the political status and or registration of such a dangerous to the people group of individuals that provide zip to our nation.
    How inconceivably stupid to have an elected Liberal government free to ignore the Australian Constitution or disobey this same.
    Australia’s citizens are sitting back not doing anything at all rid this country of this mob of elitist self-serving snout-in-the-trough persons dictating the selling out of our country.

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