RFK Jr. – Is He The Best Man For The Vaccine Commission Job? Maybe, Maybe Not…

RFK Jr – Is He The Best Man For the Vaccine Commission Job?  Maybe – Maybe Not…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

President Trump has been putting together leadership teams to deal with the massive damage liberal Democrats have inflicted on the US with their corrupt, money-grubbing,  anti-family,  fake environmentalism, and destruction of the American middle class in favor of globalization policies.

America, on November 8th, 2016, rejected all of this liberal crap, and called for major change.  Trump is delivering…

But let’s focus on Bobby Kennedy to head a Vaccine Commission…

The FIRST Thing:

Yes, RFK Jr is, undoubtedly a good, honorable, man who believes in his political positions.  Personally I like what he is, and represents.

But, and it is a VERY big BUT, he is a Democrat, albeit a bit different, for sure, than the Clinton/Obama/Richard Pan/Anthony Weiner scum-lifes.  But still, a Democrat.

RFK Jr speaking in Sacramento about Mandatory Vaccine SB277 legislation…

I’d feel a LOT better about him if he’d just switch political parties right nowand announce himself as a Republican to do this job.

Why?  Democrats simply do not have real credibility in America right now – they are what they are.

In fact, using RFK Jr. in a leadership role might give the wrong message to Americans, perhaps even confusing them, a little, about what liberal Democrats really are – and the destruction they want, and have planned, for America.

Like it or not, the Democratic Party firmly established, during the 2016 presidential election process EXACTLY what it was, and is.  It offered CLEAR choices to Americans – and it lost BIG TIME.

Election 2016 pointed out that – America is NOT interested in having its children’s genders confused in some “Common Core” propaganda ploy.  Nor are we interested in having all of our economy shipped to the Third World, our borders invaded by questionables, endless wars overseas, or our children vaccinated into vegetable status..

Liberal Democrats, and their philosophy, have been thoroughly rejected…

More, there is California – solidly controlled by the liberal  “The State controls you completely..” idea of government.  The Trump Team is going to have to SMACK California hard to get rid of this kind of anti-American thinking.  There is no question that California is being re-designed as an example of what the US would have become under “Empress” Hillary.

Remember that it is the California liberal Democrats that passed a Mandatory Vaccination (SB277) law forcing school age children to be forcibly injected with un-tested Made-in-China vaccines – all arranged by Hillary Clinton.

California Democrat Senator Richard Pan’s plan for California’s children…

Now, of course, the California liberal Dems are arranging new legislation to COMPLETELY take California children away from parents and make them all wards of the State – with SB18.

California Senator Holly Mitchell’s plan for California’s children…

California Dems, quietly, as of January 1st 2017, legalized child prostitution, claiming that those children need “counseling” not “arrest.”

I suspect we will soon see a law where the California Dems will create a new State Agency to take 80% of a California child prostitute’s income to provide that ”counseling.”

Trump’s team is going to have to step in, in California.   California Democrats are in for a hard ride – and it is justified.

RFK Jr, I’m sure, is a good guy, and competent, but…  He IS a registered Democrat…

I’m not sure Americans would feel secure with that…

I’d be more confident…

I’d feel a lot more confident that something could get done if Trump appointed one of those 200+ Generals or Admirals that Obama fired for not gay-ing up the military as fast as the liberal Dems wanted….

Why one of those?  That’s an easy one.  We tend, these days, to focus on childhood vaccine issues – and they are certainly important, BUT, let’s not forget what happened to our soldiers during the 1990-91 Gulf wars where those soldiers were unwitting guinea-pigs for Big Pharma’s “Experimental Vaccines.”  250,000 out of 697,000 soldiers (36%) now have Gulf War Syndrome.

Yeah, you read that right – 36%.

From Wikipedia:

Gulf War syndrome (GWS), also known as Gulf War illnesses(GWI), is a chronic and multisymptomatic disorder affecting returning military veterans and civilian workers of the 1990–91 Gulf War.[1][2][3] A wide range of acute and chronic symptoms have been linked to it, including fatigue, muscle pain, cognitive problems, rashes and diarrhea.[4] Approximately 250,000[5] of the 697,000 U.S. veterans who served in the 1991 Gulf War are afflicted with enduring chronic multi-symptom illness, a condition with serious consequences.[6]

Experimental vaccines injected into our soldiers – who COULD NOT refuse…

From 1995 to 2005, the health of combat veterans worsened in comparison with nondeployed veterans, with the onset of more new chronic diseases, functional impairment, repeated clinic visits and hospitalizations, chronic fatigue syndrome-like illness, posttraumatic stress disorder, and greater persistence of adverse health incidents.[7]

According to a report by the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan may also suffer from the syndrome.[8]

Suggested causes have included depleted uranium, sarin gas, smoke from burning oil wells, vaccinations, combat stress and psychological factors.[6] The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) refers to the condition as Gulf War Veterans’ Medically Unexplained Illnesses.[9] (The VA states: “We prefer not to use the term ‘Gulf War Syndrome’ when referring to medically unexplained symptoms reported by Gulf War Veterans. Why? Because symptoms vary widely.”)

Gulf War Syndrome is “Vaccine Damage” and everyone knows it…

I’m sure that most of the Generals and Admirals will remember what happened to their troops in 1990-91- and the COVERUP that went with it. Those Generals and Admirals were probably much lower in the military ranks at that time, and would be somebody who REALLY gets what’s happening with the vaccine situation… for it happened to their soldiers, and their friends, right in front of them.

Those military people probably went through the same kind of  situation parents of autistic children go through once some sleazy pediatrician loads up their little one with nine to fourteen vaccines all at once, and the 108 degree fevers start.

Do you think one of those former military commanders would be somebody, while running a vaccine investigation, that would consider it proper, and informative, to hang pro-vaxxers like Paul Offit, Poul Thorsen, David Gorski, Richard Pan, by their heels in a cell in Guantanamo Bay until the vaccine investigation becomes fruitful?

I’d be hopeful…

A General Atomics MQ-1 Predator drone launching an AGM-114 Hellfire missile at a ground target…

My point here is that Bobby Kennedy Jr, although a nice guy, might not be tough enough, ruthless enough, to hover drones armed with Hellfire Missiles over vaccine manufacturers main offices… (so-to-speak).

Just a thought…

The SECOND thing:

Let’s ask the question:  “Just what should a Vaccine Safety Commission be looking at?”

So far I’m just hearing about the CDC being investigated – and that’s NOT HARDLY ENOUGH…  There are many more issues of vaccine safety.  Let’s look at them by categories – Safety and Effectiveness…


There is NO SUCH thing as safety in vaccines, at all.  Claims of safety are a hoax.  Keep reading.

(1)  Vaccine Manufacturing – “Empress” Hillary arranged for all childhood vaccines to be manufactured in China by one of the newly operating thirty-four Chinese factories – and had all of those pre-approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) so that there are ABSOLUTELY NO INSPECTIONS, OF ANY KIND, OF CHILDHOOD VACCINES COMING INTO AMERICA being made.

No one, probably not even the Chinese manufacturer, knows what actually goes into those little tubes, nor even what those little tubes are actually made of.  And, it appears, no one in the US government cares…

I don’t feel good about that at all.  Do you?

(2) Vaccine Distribution – There is no distributions system what-so-ever for childhood vaccines imported into this country.  Most vaccines require refrigeration – and there is no system at all to see that they are refrigerated, or protected in any way.  why?  There is no requirement.  And, it appears, no one in the US government cares…

(3)  Vaccine Testing – We always hear from some government spokesperson that Vaccines are thoroughly tested.  Is it true?

No, it is not true.  Mostly, “testing” is a bad joke.

What the US Food and Drug Agency (FDA) says and what it really does are two different things.  Below is what the FDA says:

“How does FDA assess the safety of vaccines?

Vaccines undergo rigorous and extensive testing to determine their safety and effectiveness. Highly trained scientists and medical personnel at FDA carefully review all of the information in a marketing application before a vaccine can be approved for use by the public.

Following approval, FDA also carefully monitors the quality of vaccines—all manufactured lots must pass tests before they can be used. And as with all manufacturers of medical products, vaccine manufacturers must follow strict manufacturing standards. In addition, FDA conducts routine inspections of manufacturing sites. 

FDA also works closely with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to monitor reports of side effects (adverse events) of vaccines. FDA and CDC take all reports seriously, and work together to evaluate and address any potential problems.”

But, in actuality, NONE of this actually happens, except the first thing – “review all of the information in a marketing application before a vaccine can be approved for use by the public.”

EVERYTHING else NEVER happens.  Manufacturers are completely on their own to do whatever they want once the vaccine is approved.  The Clinton Foundation arranged the non-testing.

But the real questions here, about what the FDA actually tests for are:

(A) Thoroughly tested for what? Profitability?  Cheapness to make?  Correct spelling on the label?  Do they actually do ANYTHING at all?  Are they an attractive color?

They certainly are NOT tested for safety – it even says they are notright on the labels.

Scared for your children yet?

(B) They are NOT TESTED by batch, after manufacturing, to see if the intended ingredients are present, nor to see if any unintended ingredients are presents.

Even more scared?  You should be.  The claims of “testing” are a hoax…

(C) Individual Vaccines are NOT REALLY tested for Effectiveness.  That claim is a fraud.  They are, in reality, tested for “effectuality”.  There is a BIG difference between the two words.

Effective – adequate to accomplish a purpose; producing the intended or expected result. (actual immunity)

Effectuality – producing or capable of producing an intended effect. (produces something that MIGHT result in immunity).

Manufacturers’ vaccines are tested to do one thing in the body.  Then on the basis of that one thing happening the vaccine manufacturer makes the FALSE CLAIM that that “one thing” creates some kind of immunity in EVERYONE.

(D)  Vaccines are NOT tested in groups.  Sleazy pediatricians want to stab children with nine to fourteen vaccines at once (the tax payments are due on the Aspen condo).  There has NEVER been any testing done to determine what effects multiple vaccines have on humans.

(E)  Vaccine testing is all smoke and mirrors.  There really isn’t any real testing.



Every few minutes some mainstream (fake news) media clown will claim that vaccines have saved humanity from infectious disease.

Where’s the proof?

In fact, the opposite is true.  The totally stupid measles vaccine was invented 28 years AFTER measles was subdued in the US due to sanitation and proper nutrition.  The measles vaccine did NOTHING.  The official  Public Health statistics don’t lie.

I’ll make this simple.  Watch a video just below produced by Richard Pierce Millner from Public Affairs Media.  It is a simulated “debate” between a pro-vaxxer named Paul Offit and a REAL scientist named Boyd Haley.  Offit is the vaccine spokesperson who claims that “any child can take 10,000 vaccines at once.”

The video, says it all…

Haley vs. Offit: A Virtual Debate about Vaccines, The Greatest Medical Controversy of Our Time

The Third Thing…

The Pro-Vaxxer Propaganda and Psy-Ops Operation…

Everyone concerned about vaccines has faced one aspect, or another of the pro-vaxxer Propaganda and Psy-Ops Operation.  Careers have been ruined, people threatened JUST BECAUSE they voiced a legitimate concern.

Any investigation of so-called “Vaccine Safety” needs to include a thorough expose of this group – who funds them, who trains them, heading towards their arrest, imprisonment, and impoverishment.

There are those of us who can map out their networks including mainstream media.

The Fourth Thing…

The vaccine marketing team, nationwide, is the State and County Health Departments.  This is totally wrong.

The Health Departments have gotten big government fat over vaccines promotion commissions, and they have CEASED to be interested in protecting Public Health.

Pubic Health management could stumble over hundreds of vaccine damaged kids, not batting an eye, on their way to picking out their new Audi, BMW, baby Mercedes, Lexus, etc. from that vaccine percentage money generated.

This has to be stopped…

In summary…

Examining the vaccine problem is not a simple job involving the CDC.

Is Robert F. Kennedy Jr. tough enough to get the REAL job that needs to be done, done?

Maybe, maybe not…  let’s ask him…

Stay tuned…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen


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