Putin Calls Hillary Clinton “Devil”

Vladimir Putin Talks Trump, Says ‘Clinton Is Devil’


Russian President Vladimir Putin has made clear who his choice for President of the United States is and that isn’t great for Hillary. In a recent interview with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria, Putin describes Clinton as a “devil.” This is no surprise, seeing Putin’s stance on big corporations such as Monsanto. Clinton is a big supporter of Monsanto, making the two a classic case of oil and water.

Zakaria presses Putin on his comments that “Trump is brilliant,” causing Putin to respond that in some ways, Zakaria “juggled with what he said.” Putin, however, maintains that Trump is “brilliant” and desires the “welcome change” of better Russia / U.S. relations.

None of this is a huge surprise, considering Putin’s anti-establishment stances. Some have suggested that Putin’s mild support of Trump is merely his acknowledgement that Trump would be a weaker choice for the United States, which might enable Russia to further their own agendas. But still many believe that Trump would be the perfect President to restore relationships between both countries have developed an icy cohabitation during a tumultuous Obama reign.

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