Peter Little’s Facebook Live – Minister Ley’s Risperdal Cover Up – 10 January 2017

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  1. angela coral eisenhauer says:

    The horrible thing, I got put on zyprexa, same sort of crap, by third pills, the horror of my brain, but I couldnt speak, couldnt do anything, luckily I waited till the drug wore off, and rang family members to pick me up from that hospital…………….. I was a voluntary, yet still they tried to stop me. They couldnt, I left, took me three weeks of HELL tapering off those 3 damn pills (OLANZAPINE< Australia).

    For anyone who has an elderly loved one, all I can say, is they are emotionally, and mentally torturing those people. If Sussan Ley, says its OK, let her take 3 tablets, over three days, and see how the hell she feels. IT IS PURE TORTURE< you can not speak, can not turn your head, cant sleep, yet cant move. Like worst torture, anyone can imagine, and they doing this to our elderly? Kinder to shoot them, I am serious.

  2. angela coral eisenhauer says:

    Babies in USA are now on psych drugs, seriously, under 12 months old, for psychiatric problems? Poor kids. I call that abuse.

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