#PedoGate – Archbishop: “Pedophilia is a spiritual meeting with God” ..!

Aartsbisschop: ‘Pedofilie is spirituele ontmoeting met God’..!




One of the highest leaders of the Catholic Church (we no longer write with capitals from now on), has recently made the pronouncement that sexually abused children, through the priest (in question …), have a ‘spiritual encounter’ with To be able to experience God .. It is one of the highest leaders of this church in Australia, Mr. Archbishop Denis Hart, who apparently made this statement known without being surprised or denied.

It is mainly a matter of the spiritual in question, according to this Catholic leader. For Hart finds that when this’ spiritual ‘goes to confession, and confesses his sexual offense to children’, that confession is enough to go on with a ‘clear conscience’ again. (With his Catholic work then obviously understood ..!)

This extremely strange statement, to say it … is one of the series of bizarre insights into the thought world of this ‘spiritual leader’ in particular and apparently on behalf of the Catholic Church in general. When asked whether he was willing to go to prison, for not indicating child sexual abuse, he replied that he would like to do so.
But at the same time he added that he had the right to keep these deeds of his unsuitable colleagues under the cover and not to come out with them. Because this matter – according to his saying – is a ‘powerful and absolute communication of a higher order’.
Hart made this shocking statement in response to a statement by the committee that investigates the abuse in Australia, the Australian Royal Commission in Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. They had said that ‘no apologies, protection or privileges’ will be given to Catholics who decide to remain silent and not inform the police of the abuse in this church movement. On the contrary, because apparently the members of this committee did not understand it very well .. Archbishop Denis Hart persisted and indicated that sexual misbehavt is a ‘spiritual meeting with God, through the priest’ and is therefore of a ‘higher order’ than the penal laws that apply to all citizens in a country … ..

In a recently published report, this committee is working on some 85 changes to the criminal justice system. They recommend that the government prosecute prosecutors who are negligent in reporting to the police of ‘serious crimes’, such as sexual abuse. As the legislation does not currently provide for, above the right of the Catholic Church to sue members of this church for crimes. Because the internal legislation within this church, the so-called ‘Canon law’, is allowed to operate outside the normal judicial procedures and Catholic church members are enabled to keep these things hidden …!

The insanity at the top? 
It is one of the many, many bizarre acts of the leadership of the Catholic Church to try to mask, torpedo, and cover up the child abuse. According to a secret investigation by the said committee, whose conclusions have been made known, the committee believes that the Catholic Church abuses the possibility of ‘confidential confession’. This is to conceal the fact that child abuse should be reported by active-pedophile, Catholic clergy. This committee’s report says this about:

“We understand the importance of religious confession, in particular, the inviolability of the seal / the sealing of confession for people of some beliefs, especially the Catholic Church. However, we have seen evidence of a number of cases where there are revelations of sexual abuse of children, in a religious confession, by both perpetrators and victims.

We are reassured in the fact that confession is a forum in which Catholic children have revealed their sexual abuse, and members of the Catholic Church have revealed their behavior of abuse in order to come to terms with their own fault. “

When the bishop was asked if he would prefer to go to jail, above the breaking of the ‘seal of Catholic confession’, he told the interviewer of ABC Radio Melbourne: “I said I would do that; I believe this is an absolutely sacred communication with a higher order “…

Not only the Catholic Church .. Judges and legislators also flee ‘ahead’ ..!
Meanwhile, there are also authorities around the world, such as political leaders and even judges, who come with “softening” the terms under which sexual abuse of children is qualified. They try to chafe solid parts of these interpretations and thus apparently ‘soften’ their own offense in terms of legal and social frameworks. One example of many, many examples in this area is a judge in California, Mr. Judge Marc Kelly.

‘Judge’ Marc Kelly

He brought the sentence of 25 years in prison for a 20-year-old child rapist, back to 10 years, with the motivation that the suspect had “no intention to harm the 3-year-old victim.” He also went so far as he agreed with the words / defense of this child rapist, Kevin Rojano, as if the young girl had initiated this act herself. “She asked me to do this”. . these were Rojano’s words.

And that, in fact, contradicts the court’s remarks that this pedophile rapist “had no eye for the well-being of the victim” ..! And so the prison sentence of this pedophile was converted from 25 years to 10 years. While it had become clear that Rojano had held the girl when she had walked into the garage of his house.

Hij was daar toen een videospel aan het spelen en had de garagedeur gesloten, toen hij zich door het meisje seksueel opgewonden voelde worden. En hij had met zijn hand voor de mond van het meisje voorkomen, dat ze was gaan gillen, toen de moeder van het meisje buiten haar naam had geroepen. Én ze ook aan de gesloten garagedeur van Rojano had getrokken.. Nadat Rojano het meisje later had vrijgelaten, was haar moeder achter het vergrijp gekomen, toen ze over lichamelijke pijn klaagde.

According to Judge Marc Kelly, it was not all a ‘normal kidnapping with the aim of committing sexual abuse’. “From the way in which the crime was committed, it can be concluded that it is not a violent, brutal sodomy in a child abuse case. Mr. Rojano was not especially looking for a victim, but was playing a video game when the girl walked into the garage. He became sexually aroused, but unproven is that he purposely wanted to hurt the child when he sexually abused her. “
For the judge it also played a part, that Rojano was also sexually abused as a child. And that he deserved leniency, because he said he regretted the abuse of the 3-year-old girl. For the Public Prosecutor it was ‘utterly incomprehensible’ what the judge pronounced about the conclusion of his sentence and the appeal against this judgment, is a logical continuation for him …

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