Parents of Sick Children Being Called Abusers – Children Removed in The Netherlands



Parents with children who need a lot of care get too often with unreasonable child abuse reports. Interests Association Intensive Child Care (Bvikz) is the emergency clock. “Parents will be completely unhappy behind after an unjustified report. That may not be this way.”

There are 41 parents known to the association about whom an improper child abuse report has been reported at the Safe Home address. The reports were made by schools, care organizations, pediatricians and municipalities. According to chairman Vera Hooglugt, this is just the tip of the iceberg.
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‘Parents of seriously ill children wrongly accused of child abuse’
In the case of very sick or disabled children, there is a greater chance of reporting because these children often have a lot of different bodies.

In many cases, there was a conflict before a notification was made. “We have examples of families that are completely inverted while it’s not child abuse, but for a parent who’s disagree with school,” says Hooglugt.
Safe Home is the national reporting point that maps reports about domestic violence or child abuse and determines whether assistance should be provided.
Tanno Klijn, chairman of the national network Safe Home, does not recognize Bvikz’s signal. “We realize that the impact is high, but it’s our job to investigate signals around security.” Therefore, the organization would rather investigate too much than too little.

Klijn is in conversation with the stakeholder organization to understand what is happening. “I am very well aware that you are dealing with a sick child, and in this case a very sick child. In a study of Safe Home, which proves to be unnecessary afterwards, the impact is very big. looking at each other. ”
We see that the trauma is immensely large in parents after an unjustified report.
Vera Hooglugt
In order to prevent malicious searches being investigated, Safe Home will need to screen the notifications in advance, says Highlight. “Every report has to be taken seriously, but more needs to be done in advance.” The right professionals should be well informed about whether a report is indeed worth mentioning. ”

According to Klijn van Veilig Huis, a trust doctor is always consulted before any research is instituted.

Victim Assistance

Hooglugt further advocates further aftercare. “Parents who have been victims of an unjustified child abuse report must be given a form of victim help. We see that the trauma is immense. It’s incredibly important what is called for a family.”

Many parents who have received an incorrect report are afraid. “I hope that more parents who have had an incorrect report will come out of it. I hope these parents dare to throw away the fear coat.”
State Secretary Martin van Rijn has announced that he has heard the “heart cry” and wants to understand with each other “to understand each other better.” In addition, possible aftercare is discussed. “I want to make further arrangements in joint consultation.”

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