Obama’s Justrice Department Involved in Human Sex Trafficking


We begin with a story of sex slaves, underage girls, a billionaire, murder, a prince, and at least one former U.S. President.

In any other year that might sound like the beginning of a dirty joke or the summary of a new thriller.

But in 2016, anything is possible, especially when it comes to corruption.

In 2005 Epstein was investigated for an accusation that he paid a woman $300 to have sex with her 14-year-old daughter. In 2008 Epstein served 13 months in prison after pleading guilty to minimal state charges, after reaching a sweetheart plea deal with the U.S. Government.

Since 2005, more than 40 women have come forward to say that Epstein is a sexual predator–and that he “shared them” with other global elites.

In 2015 a new suit was raised against Epstein in Palm Beach, Florida, including allegations against Bill Clinton, who took multiple trips to Little St. James. The accusations all allegedly took place in 2002-2005 on Epstein’s private “Pleasure Island,” Little St. James.

One plaintiff in the 2015 suit, known as Jane Doe 102, says that she was kept on the island against her will as an underage sex slave, and was forced to have sex with royalty, politicians, academics, and businessmen.

Now, to his credit, in 2008 Clinton cut off ties with Epstein—or did he?

Clinton was still friends with a woman, Ghislaine Maxwell, who kept child pornography on her computer and recruited more sex slaves. She was also one of the 400 guests at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding in 2010.

Bill Clinton was nearly subpoenaed as part a plea deal with Epstein, but he was never deposed. Instead, lawyers obtained Epstein’s computerized phone directory, which included emails for Bill Clinton, along with 21 phone numbers for him and his assistant, Doug Band.

Sadly, this is a truly global scandal (no wonder Epstein has his own private jet, “the Lolita Express”).

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