Nosocomial pertussis infection of infants: still a risk in 2009 – Australian Department of Health

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  1. Angela Coral Eisenhauer says:

    On 15 July 2009 the Public Health Unit was notified of a positive pertussis PCR test in a 54-year-old HCW. The HCW reported an influenza-like illness from 26 to 29 June and a coughing illness from 7 July. The HCW presented to a general practitioner on 26 June and again on 10 July when a swab was taken for pertussis testing and erythromycin treatment commenced. The HCW had received an acellular pertussis vaccine in 2006.

    this is the IMPORTANT BIT OF INFORMATION. 54 year old hcw would have had the old DTP, and no one, I know of who has had DTP, or not had DTP, is EVER A CARRIER WITH NO SYMPTOMS. By vaccinating, an immune person with Dtap, the useless new one, they have allowed this lady to become a fully immune, non carrier, into a whooping cough carrier, because of the aP vaccine. THIS IS WHAT THE PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO SAY IN THIS PAPER, BUT ARE NOT ALLOWED TO.

  2. Angela Coral Eisenhauer says:

    I tested lots and lots of kids in 2010 outbreak of whooping cough. EVERY person with whooping cough, was fully vaccinated with DTaP vaccine, given from 1996. ie ALL kids aged about 6-12. Not only does the vaccine fail, but if you give this vaccine, you are creating a near constant whooping cough carrier UNTIL (thank god!) IT FAILS. Thank god it fails in 50% by 3 years. 100% in 10 years. Unluckily, this nurse that had this Dtap vaccine, was still a Dtap caused, whooping cough carrier.
    (Explanation, the aP vaccine ONLY stops the body reacting to the toxins produced by bacteria, called pertussis. So you still catch whooping cough, you still spread it, but your body doesn’t react to it. In this case, the nurses immunity was compromised by the vaccine, her body didn’t recognise the pertussis, so her body didn’t kill it. ie the vaccine destroyed her immunity, she didn’t get symptoms, but could still catch, carry and spread it, BECAUSE OF THE VACCINE SHE WAS FORCED TO HAVE AS A HCW.

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