Nanny State Fears Home Schooling is Radicalising

Nanny State Fears Home Schooling is Radicalising


Recently, I wrote a multi-pronged piece about the Nanny State / Big Brother, the collective unconscious, and the direction in which we passengers aboard the Titanic, as it were, are heading in (straight at the iceberg, it appears). I made (very sarcastic) note of the deeply neurotic psychology of government (a reflection of the brainwashed masses) and new policy initiatives coming down the pipeline. It’s all very predictable. In fact, it’s SO predictable sometimes that one might be forgiven for momentarily thinking that the NWO muppets are following one’s own satirical script.

In satirizing the bizarre psychology and actions of “The Nanny,” I had to try extra hard to stretch credulity and be absurd due to the already extreme nature of the absurdity emanating from governments around the world.

What I did not expect, was that, days later, the State (the British version) would call for a review of home schooling, one of the very subjects of my article/rant. In a short (far from comprehensive) list of forms of control and mass hypnosis, item number three was:

Send your kids to (a mainstream) school and never EVER home school
Guilt mechanism: Only the State is fit to decide which information is appropriate for your child to be aware of. Parents are clearly the LAST people who should attempt to connect their child with meaning and reality. Where is your certificate, peasant? If you take your kids out of school, you’re robbing them of their future! (Translation: we can’t brainwash them and control their thought patterns nearly as effectively if they aren’t sitting in State-approved classrooms for 6+ hours a day. And only terrorists who like abusing small animals would ever even THINK of sending their kid to a Steiner school where their development, maturation and mental and emotional faculties will be allowed to unfold naturally in a creative, conducive environment. [Wait for it: Steiner schools will be deemed security threats and hotbeds of extremist ideology, and ultimately terror cells in future.])

This article was partially a response to the recent government propaganda around the

‘frightening’ practice of underground anti-vaxxer childcare [in Australia]

I added: ‘Basically, as a civilian/ordinary mum or dad, organizing your own “daycare” or “play group” is potentially a radicalist/extremist activity and should rightly be administered by a trusted guardian – our beloved government in this case. That would be double-plus good.’ (That’s an Orwell reference, by the way.)

Wouldn’t you know it? On December 20 (2015), Daily Mail trumpeted

Home schooling of 20,000 children across the country will be reviewed amid fears they are being ‘radicalised by parents’

I’m not kidding. Of course, the cover story is that “religious extremists [are or might be] using an inappropriate curriculum” and “that there may be someone filling their child’s mind with poison,” (oh, the irony) but the real issue is that most of England’s home-schooled population is off the books; there are anywhere from 20,000 to 50,000 kids – the government simply can’t know because parents do not have to inform their local council whether they are home schooling or not. This is called exercising freedom of choice and the right to privacy. I applaud the parents who do so.

Of course, the government and its media mouthpieces use the tired old bugaboo of Islamic extremists (geez, come up with a new boogey man already!) to justify the invasive and draconian measures that will surely be coming down the pipeline in an effort to utterly control and monitor ALL home schooling activities and ensure that ONLY State-approved information enters into the curriculum.

The Daily Mail article states: “Sir Michael Wilshaw has previously spoken about the ‘serious and growing threat’ of unregistered Islamic centers.” Currently the Zionist-controlled State justifies almost all of its new or forthcoming draconian legislation by invoking the “threat” of Islamic extremists (or non-vaccinators, depending on context), a ridiculously transparent propaganda strategy designed to trigger fear, shut down critical thinking faculties, divide and conquer the civilian population, and ultimately justify the most heinous legislative measures against freedom of thought. It becomes all the more obvious when you realise that Western media is basically controlled by NWO Zionists or those with NWO/Zionist ties and/or sympathies.

The clue is in this line:

…just last week it was revealed that the Government had let children remain in illegal, unregistered schools for weeks, where they were exposed to narrow curriculums [sic], misogynist, homophobic and anti-Semitic material… (ibid.)

Note that final reference: “anti-semitic material”. “Anti-semite” is simply the Nanny State’s code word for smearing and discrediting anyone who identifies malignant Zionist influence or control and talks about it openly. The number of people around the world who recognise the formerly well veiled influence of Zionist control and propaganda have been on the rise and the puppet masters are getting nervous. What would be catastrophic for The System would be a home schooling curriculum that acknowledges and illuminates this insidious  supremacist influence (and its control over the media) and reveals it for the fraud against humanity (especially Jewish people) that it is. That is why home schooling is firmly in the sights of the Zionist Nanny State. An educated generation of young, open minds would sound the death knell of the NWO and its repugnant aspirations.Independent schools, for example, Steiner schools, will be next on the hit list once home schooling is contained and controlled, because they are untainted by Zionist false history and propaganda and represent the last true bastions of real educational nurturing that permit the organic unfurling of a child through to adolescence, and ultimately adulthood. We simply can’t have untainted, non-traumatised, intelligent, self-determining children now can we? What would we need the Nanny State for then?

Increasing Trend Towards Tyranny Shows in the Legislation

Do you think I’m exaggerating the dire circumstances we find ourselves in? Consider this then:

In Australia, George Williams, Professor of Law at UNSW conducted a review of the statute book this year (2015) and found a whopping 350 statues that infringe on basic democratic standards. Astonished? We’re not done. Around 60% of those 350 were created since the 9-11 PSYOP and false flag event of 2001, with a “high number” enacted since 2013, showing an accelerating trend towards tyranny. Still clinging to your illusion of democracy? We’re still going.
Williams comments that now “measures that were unthinkable have become commonplace” and “routine.” Rights are being removed “for a range of mundane purposes. Speech offences now apply to many public places and occupations, and parliaments have greatly expanded the capacity of state agencies to detain people without charge or arrest.” Having fun yet? Williams notes that these laws are typically passed with the support of the so-called “opposition,” again illustrating what a sham democracy in Australia, England, New Zealand, or any other ally of the US/Israel really is. There IS no major political party opposed to the development of a full-blown Orwellian state in these lands – it is fully supported in all major quarters.

Moreover, it isn’t just the sheer number of new statutes (“laws”) being passed, it’s also the issue of the increasing severity of punishment for supposed breaches of these invented “crimes.” Williams adds that “A number carry the possibility of a lengthy term of imprisonment merely on the basis of a person’s speech.” (Ibid.) Speech crime? That is one step removed from a “thought crime,” and we are obviously heading in that direction in the wonderful democracy of Oz.

I didn’t vote for any of these draconian “laws” – did you? How many Australians were actually involved in formulating these new statutes? How many people were consulted by their “elected representatives” in order to derive these new “laws”? Was there a group meeting I missed somewhere? How/where/when did we KNOWINGLY CONSENT to this insanity?

More to the point: Have we had enough yet? Politics needs an immune system and it needs to be we the people who provide it, because a cancer does not simply cure itself – it needs the cellular environment to program apoptosis and keep things in order, or, as they used to say, “keep the bastards honest.” But what if we didn’t have to worry about keeping the bastards honest because the bastards weren’t running the show anymore? What if we the people installed an immune system within the political system to prevent “the bastards” from running the show in the first place?

Is there a way to do it?

What do you think?

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