Iran Ditches Dollar Obviously – Major Blow for Global Financial and US Interests

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  1. William Boeder says:

    The elite in America, being their Oil Billionaires, the boardrooms of their giant weapons manufacturers, then their collectively purchased government administration, each of the above conglomerate certainly know how to to shit in their own beds.
    All would be well if these lot had stayed within the confines of the USA borders and cancelled their greed desires as well as halted the use of military force to steal the controls of each country invaded and plundered.
    Bad enough that the above were dead set keen to plunder any country they chose to and under the flag of patriotism utilizing the massive volume of mothers sons to do the front-line skirmishing so necessary to take the controls, then comes act 2 being the reduction of hundreds of thousands of each country’s population of both their military forces and civilian persons, finally act 3 being the demolition then ruination of whichever country’s major populated cities along with the traditions and lifestyles of the country undergoing invasion.
    Any wonder the rest of the World are resistant to the American gift of democracy in exchange for whatever their own governing protocols happen to be.
    Then to top off their lunacy the American taxpayers have to live with the fact that the USA government are overdrawn some 20 Trillion US dollars on the taxpayers American Express card.
    (I am still wondering why God chose only to Bless America in lieu of any other country.)
    Though many will disagree with the election of Donald Trump as their new President (via the hatred incited by the cartel of America’s mainstream media) all irrespective to the fact that he has pledged to “drain the American swamp of its heavy infestation of spitting Cobra’s and deady Vipers” that same man faces the unenviable task of halting the evils of the above to try to rebuild America for all of its people.

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