Hillary Clinton is working on Getting Assange thrown in Prison

Hillary is Working to Censor Assange and Get Him Thrown in Prison


How ironic.

Julian Assange tells the truth and Hillary wants to have him locked up.

She lies and is footloose and fancy-free.

Teflon Hillary continues to skate free – totally above the law and doing whatever the hell she wants.

The one man standing in the way of her “free ride” is Julian Assange, the founder and editor in chief of Wikileaks.

He promises another email dump which will further expose Hillary’s corruption.

Reports out of Ecuador are now pointing to increased pressure from the U.S. on the Ecuador government to remove Assange’s asylum status, and finally, expel him from the Ecuador embassy, and into UK police custody.

At which point American authorities would lock Assange up and throw away the key.

Ecuador govt under serious pressure to censor Assange over & criticism of Clinton http://www.elcomercio.com/opinion/julianassange-asilo-ecuador-joseayalalasso-opinion.html  &http://expreso.ec/actualidad/ecuador-cancilleria-julianassange-guillaumelong-embajada-BD533829 

Photo published for Assange, ¡una bomba de tiempo!

Assange, ¡una bomba de tiempo!

Cuando el gobierno otorgó asilo diplomático a Julian Assange, adujo que lo hacía por razones humanitarias, para propiciar la transparencia en la información y –no lo dijo, pero era evidente- para…


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