Haitians Know Red Cross are fraudulent

Haitians Beg ‘Don’t Give Money To Red Cross, We Will Never Get It’


Haiti has suffered it’s second major catastrophe in six years when last week, a category 4 hurricane ravaged the island.

In 2010, the country was struck by a magnitude 7.0 earthquake. Government officials say that the hurricane’s aftermath has left at least 350,000 people in need of aid. Past that, they also have one more detail in common: They don’t want the help.

As absurd as that may seem, Haitians are so jaded with foreign aid after reports it was squandered that they’d prefer to be left in squalor than deal with another Red Cross theft.

According to Independent.co:

Trust in the ARC, and in foreign aid more widely, has been badly shaken by a 2015 report that found donations had been squandered.

Despite collecting nearly half a billion dollars to provide relief after the 2010 Haiti earthquake and pledging to build 700 permanent homes, the ARC has been accused of only building six.

“In the coming days, many of you are going to write and ask me how you can ‘help Haiti’,” one woman said on Twitter after the hurricane, “Do not give to the American Red Cross.”

Additionally, Haitians were also looted by The Clinton Foundation after the 2010 earthquake, leaving them with no semblance of justifiable trust in terms of foreign donations.

On Oct. 6, the Committee to Mobilize Dictatorship in Haiti, KOOMOKODA [Komite Mobilizasyon kont Diktati an Ayiti], conducted a small but vocal protest attended by some 20 Haitian activists in front of New York state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s Manhattan office at 120 Broadway, off Wall Street.
“We will be there to denounce Schneiderman’s double standard in deciding to prosecute the Trump Foundation for fraud while ignoring the lack of audits and billions ‘missing’ from the Clinton Foundation,” KOMOKODA announced in a press release. “This is clearly Schneiderman abusing the authority of his office to tilt the scales in favor of Hillary Clinton in the upcoming US presidential elections.”

Haitian are so disgusted with Hillary Clinton’s vile theft of their funds after the earthquake, which left them exposed to the massive hurricane in tents and tin huts, that they are adamantly pushing for Donald Trump to become the next President of the United States.

“We are here today to tell Schneiderman that he is looking in the wrong place,” Dahoud Andre, a KOMOKODA organizer told WND. “The real corruption is at the Clinton Foundation. The Trump Foundation might have a few thousand dollars missing, but the Clinton Foundation has stolen billions. We are here to tell Schneiderman and the state of New York to stop the bias.”

Haiti’s criticism of Clinton wasn’t exclusive to them. After Bill Clinton tweeted out support for the nation following the hurricane, many on social media slammed the former President.


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