World Renowned Oncologist Admits That Big Pharma Is Stopping Him From Finding Cure for Cancer

This Article was translated from Dutch.

Erasmus oncoloog mag geen kurkuma testen van farmaceutische industrie

Oncologist Casper van Eyck, which include Steve Jobs and Sonia Gandhi treated in the Netherlands is the only professor of surgery with the focus pancreatic cancer and sees possibilities with the use of turmeric, but he is thwarted. The practices of the pharmaceutical industry he calls downright unhealthy. Gritted teeth, he must establish that he can use for the power of Big Pharma no turmeric for pancreatic patients but chemo while turmeric is effective.

The operation of the pharmaceutical industry in cancer treatments

Van Eyck explained that medical advances for the most part be guided by the pharmaceutical industry. He takes a big negative, “because you are forced to do things the industry can not stand behind. For example, as to give chemotherapy, whereas this has hardly any effect.

“The laboratory of a hospital each year one to two million euros in revenue required by the pharmaceutical industry,” Van Eyck continues. “That means you do things for them to test where your doctor if you nothing, and your patients either. We do that anyway, to keep everything running. But in my view, is unhealthy. ”

Turmeric works in pancreatic cancer more effectively than chemotherapy. But why not give the turmeric, but chemo? “

“Because of the industry, of course! Says Dr. Hickey. “I have done with a now deceased patient literature to all documented alternatives. And there’s just medical literature on the demonstrated effects of turmeric. The information I’m sending to my patients. “

According to the oncologist works every day with the turmeric noodles do just as well against cancer cells as chemotherapy. “And sprouts are a good vegetable for patients with pancreatic cancer,” he says. “It’s okay to know that I am very cautious in recommending chemotherapy.”

How can you Turmeric as effectively as possible?

In India there has existed for centuries a very healing recipe with turmeric, called “golden milk. Gold Milk is an ancient Ayurvedic drink to drink in the evening and contains extraordinary healing properties for the body.

Would you use the recipe? Then read the entire description in this article.

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