Video: Toddlers On Amphetamine – History of Big Pharma & the Major Players


  1. Angela Coral Eisenhauer Reply

    Ice addicts, meth labs, sick people, sick houses (yeah I am so sick realise homeswest put me and my son in an ex meth lab house, poor remediation (if any) and now full of toxic moulds) ……….. this is the same crap pharma are giving kids? How low can they go.

    I now have meth mouth, meth skin, and am so sick, this house had this crap in it two years ago………….. I don’t even smoke! That is how bad this crap is,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and they giving babies this shit?

  2. Angela Coral Eisenhauer Reply

    From the toxic moulds? aspergillosis, COPD< Chronic Fatigue/ME, CIRS< chronic inflammatory response, stuffed eyesight, chronic ear infection, and going deaf. Testing for the methamphetamine contamination tomorrow. Meth is the same as Ritalin and all that crap….I have brain damage, my cognitive abilities are now about 20%, and they giving this stuff to babies? I just absorbing the stuff from an homewest they never cleaned properly………… They want a zombie race.

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