Video: Leaked New Video Shows 9/11 Pentagon Plane Was a Missile

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  1. Williambtm says:

    Old news now admin, this whole enchilada was not unlike a Hollywood created event, all air craft of any kind were compulsorily grounded.
    That was except for the plane Old man George Bush an aeroplane aloft full of Osama Bin Laden family members, but only after wily Old man Bush had them sign some shonky document that provided an enormous amount of money somehow being invested in a particular black-ops company, then these Bin Laden family members were flown from America to the Cairo airport. this information is as close as most people have been able to understand of this enormous false flag event.
    The American league of Building Engineers and big building Architects carried out their own testing to find out what the temperature had to be to melt the steel framework, the fuel and other flammables after the event could not generate the heat necessary to melt the massive steel girders etc.
    The explosives used were a special military grade that had combined through it a fair amount of high temperature ignition to set alight the “high flashpoint flammable magnesium.”
    After ignition the magnesium burns at 3,100 degrees centigrade… or 5,610 degrees fahrenheit.
    This small amount of in-house info should do for now.

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