Track and Trace – The Implementations of Digital Biometrics

Track and Trace: The Implementation of Digital Biometrics

By General Maddox.

Biometric technology itself is nothing new and has been available for quite some time. But as the years progress so do the advancements in the science behind it as does it’s ever increasing use by society.

Major biometric technologies include finger scanning, facial recognition, iris and retinal scanning, finger geometry, voice recognition and dynamic signature verification. Other biometric technologies include ear geometry, body odour measurement, keystroke dynamics and gait recognition.

Perhaps you’re thinking that it’s not your cup of tea and that you don’t use this sort of technology. Well have you ever used Siri on an iPhone or maybe tagged a friend in a photo on Facebook? It’s more ubiquitous than you think.

The pathway to widespread implementation of these technologies has been laid for many years now and each of the major next steps forward are about to be taken.

Ever used tap and go with your credit card? Has it ever occurred to you what might be next? RFID implants in human beings is on the horizon.

Another scary thing about this track and trace technology is the ability to usurp it. It’s sold to us as maximum convenience with maximum security but the convenience comes at a price and we also see that the security is also lacking.

Your fingerprints are indeed unique to you but like we’ve seen in the movies, life now imitates art. Thats right folks this type of biometric data can now be hacked. Technology has recently been developed that can grab your unique fingerprint from digital social media images of you and replicated.

James Corbett of the Corbett Report podcast discusses this situation here.

Where else has Biometric technology been implemented or is about to be implemented? Australian schools it appears are beginning to roll out this technology even after it was initially shut down over privacy concerns.

However that’s not what this is all about. What this type of technological rollout means for society is full spectrum surveillance in the control grid. Track and trace. No privacy. Just like George Orwell’s 1984. Authoritarian technocracy is being ushered in whether we like it or not.

Having kids use this type of biometric technology is simply prepping them for widespread acceptance when it becomes mandatory. We’re being groomed to accept it so there will be no opposition to it.

People often say “I don’t have anything to hide so who cares about privacy”. Well that’s like saying you don’t care about free speech because you’ve got nothing to say.

What if the day comes when you do?

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