Steve Pieczenik Talks – Hillary and Bill Clinton Pedophile and Coup Accusations



  1. Sonndra May Reply

    Steve, it’s Sunday night and Comey once again cleared Hillary of wrongdoing.

    Does the counter coup have a plan for the rigged election, or is there no hope for justice and America? I’m listening to Alex Jones, Larry Nichols and Assange saying Trump will not be allowed to win. Hillary will be president,
    I had such hope in your 16 organizations, but now I feel there is no one in the FBI or NYPD who will do anything. So she and Bill are poised to destroy us.

    Please tell me when have real hope, not false hope.

    S May

    • admin Post authorReply

      I know. We all ahve hope. However we are fighting the world’s power on this… The fight is not even.. This might just be the start.

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