Putin: Trump Win is a Massive Defeat for New World Order


America turns a new page in its history, and this is just the beginning of significant changes that will bring about a better future for all Americans. Despite the enormous media pressure the justice is satisfied, and Donald Trump became the 45th American President!

These elections were one BIG WAKE UP CALL!

Results represent the greatest uprising by the American people against the elite who run the country since the Boston Tea Party in 1771, and the New World Order controlled puppets in Washington are reeling.

All of the elite – politicians, bankers, economists, celebrities – told the people to vote for the NWO selected candidate, Hillary Clinton but the is that Americans said: NO.

According to sources, Putin believes that the result of the U.S. election proves the globalists’ destructive agenda is deeply unpopular with real people, and when given a chance they will instinctively reject it out of hand.

Putin said:

“The American people stood up against the media, the banks, the establishment, everything was against them, but they said enough. They want change.”

For the record, the sock puppets of the New World Order, advocated against Trump and the mainstream media has many attempts to convince you that Trump is the wrong choice, but they are all blown away now!

America was always a nation with BIG DREAMS!

This election is proof that all Americans together chose to make the United States dominant again, to take control of their economy, and make themselves respected in the eyes of the world.

Bye …. Bye… New World Order – America has regained its status as a powerful, sovereign nation!



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