PizzaGate – Conspiracy of Silence – Banned Documentary

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  1. Williambtm says:

    How can a serious criminal engagement in such as paedophilia be above the law, or be banned from publication? My second consideration is that the laws of the those countries that actively allow participation in this atrocious life-ruining activity should be held accountable to the Human Rights Commission. Unfortunately for all here in Australia is that the Attorney General, George Brandis QC is stated as the major representative to the united nations human rights commission. (UNHRC) Interestingly there is again a call by Australia’s own Human Rights Commission to have the Australian government finally sign off to this international accord.
    If the highest law representative here in Australia will not sign this off to this international body of Human Rights, thereby the reluctance or even tardiness to sign this Accord by AG George Brandis provides an example of those few that see themselves to be above the laws of our land of Australia.

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