#PizzaGate Bombshell – James Alefantis Connected to Clinton Connected Child Sex Offender Laura Silsby


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Is this the same Jorge Puello?
https://mindcontrolblackassassins.com/category/ritual-satanic-sexual-abuse/ NLCR’s legal advisor and gatekeeper was Jorge Puello Torres. The police in El Salvador said that Torres was suspected of leading a sex slave trafficking ring involving Central American and Caribbean women and girls… Torres served in the U.S. Army in a military intelligence unit. He worked undercover with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and the Department of Homeland Security. … Torres used the Jewish Chabad network as a cover to smuggle sex slave women and children internationally. Torres’ sex ring was exposed when three young girls, 14, 15, and 16 escaped from the house and went to police to report they had been forced to pose naked to promote the sex business..

Maccoby is also mentioned in the above piece.

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Yeah, we bumped into that article and it mentioned Maccoby earlier in August BEFORE Pizzagate started, which was interesting. I haven’t really read much of it yet but I think it deserves looking into, considering it also mentions MKUltra. And it’s apparently covering Pizzagate too.

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Great work to you and everyone who is researching this. I’m adding this to the summary sticky asap.

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Chabadgroup homes, esp in Flatbush Bk. Already met females and males of abuse, sex harrasment, lied and Never given citizen papers. If speak up, abrupy routed to mental.institutions and dosed up on cocktails of psychotropics, without even being mentally accessed.

I actually got one girl out, by having a top psych professor, mental access her as absolutely normal.

The group homes are given huge donations by many private, rich, who also invite the minors to their shabbat meals and try to sex and orgie.

One minor teen, was from UK. He got beaten up a lot, for he had a very strong defiance. The home he was in, had a basement where brought and punished.

I cannot stress that kids, refugees, deportees and all, are systemically routed. Which, of course, their would be a system to route.

Even in the Haitian survivor book, “let Haiti live, ” even a dentist is over utilized to access the teeth age of males that are close to ages 16-18 to route to either s Florida, boystown or krane/broward high security prison.

Group homes, “sponsor families are mentioned in the book, repeatedly.

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Black supremacist website? Credibility = Zero

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You use idiotic sources like the one you just posted, and then wonder why no one takes your seriously…

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Ad hominem attack. Logical fallacy. Why not investigate if the information presented is true rather than attack the source.

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Right now it is obvious that every single Human Trafficking prevention organization is occupied by people we associate with pizzagate. It is highly improbably that 100% of employees of these benevolent organizations are involved in child trafficking. I would assume the board has “minders” from The Company who can monitor what is going on and stop further investigation into certain cases. It could allow monitoring of cases and “skimming of the top”, even to order. It allows for “do gooders” who really care about this issue to be sucked into a NGO and either compromised or closely busy worked. It’s a great philanthropic cover for the general population “Great charity but I don’t want to hear the details!” But it’s really killing my enthusiasm about contributing to charity and philanthropy right now. I suspect everyone of these orgs has a very mad potential whistleblower. So pizzagate awareness must include the story of charity, the pizzagate way.

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I’m afraid you’re correct and this isn’t new. Anytime a wealthy powerful person is crusading on behalf of poor children, assume guilt.

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Yep, any downvoat you has to be shill. Thisshiyz is huge and way multi systemic organized.

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The clique you are talking about is extremely small. All friends or acquaintances or frenemies. It does seem like the restaurateur, art loving philanthropist subgroup (who seems obsessed with flashing pedo, cannibalism, satanic pizza symbolism) is a hermetically sealed bubble. Their art is bad, their gallery is a hole in the wall, their fancy restaurant is… a family pizzeria. Very unique footprint. You have to start adding comparative notes (stats) so people understand the scale and scope better. For instance the VA missing kids numbers was put into perspective when the VA person in charge declared that she put EVERYBODY in the CFMEC database no matter what. She is implying that other states do not put all kids in the CFMEC and that accounts for the discrepancy.

Another note about rich people. The entire haute couture industry exists to serve 100 billionaires who have enough disposable money (a a need) for buying 3-5 $15,000 dresses per season. This entourage has grown slightly over the last decades with the creation of pret-a-porter collections for lowly millionaires. But the centre group of people is a very small hermetically sealed group as well.

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Problem is compartmentalisation. Ugh, that’s a long word. Anyway, yeah. Example, one organisation employee which is responsible for the follow up on a particular child finds out the child and the caregivers moved without a trace, she reports it to a higher up which is responsible for the investigations of such cases. That higher up finds out that the family moved to another state and reports to the next higher up until everyone has done their job and believes the case will be resolved and the caregivers be reprimanded by the authorities not knowing that the ones at the top are working in compliance with the so called caregivers. Every employee has done their job, suspects nothing and the trafficking goes on unnoticed. That’s how it’s done.

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Yep!!!! Thumbed ya up..

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It would be great if we got an insider to leak the records, but now Wikileaks is potentially compromised so the impactful leaking options are more limited.

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Michael Maccoby’s daughter Izette Folger is on the advisory board of ‘Innocents at Risk’ which claims to protect children against human trafficking. See: https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1489919

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I have been looking at Maccoby for a week and did not find this. You are my hero. I don’t download files so I didn’t listen to that file. My bad. So here’s the rabbit hole I went down when I tried my hand at this.

TL;DR Charles Manson

So an aunt of Izette, Abigail Folger, was a Tate murder victim. A. Folger donated money to the Height-Ashbury clinic which is credited with distributing psychadelic during San Francisco’s “Summer of Love”. She was an acquaintance of Manson who is exposed as a MKUltra asset in many documents online. There are many conspiracy theories about Manson that paint more of a CIA op than a murder conspiracy. But that’s old news. Izette best friend is Carol Joynt. Carol’s claim to fame is that she and Charlie Rose won the national Emmy Award for “Best Interview” for a one-hour prison interview with Charles Manson.

All of this is really making me want to build a game that is called 7 degrees of #pizzagate !!!

This whole thing is maddening 🙂

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On Manson and Folger:

Many have long suspected that the Tate residency was targeted in part as retaliation for a massive drug burn. Wojciech Frykowski, a friend of Roman Polanski and wife Sharon Tate, had become a major player in the LA LSD and MDA markets. Frykowski was dating Abigail Folger, heiress of the Folger coffee dynasty and financial patron of Frykowski’s endeavor.

Frykowski had burned his suppliers of at least $11,000 all the while working toward setting up his own wholesale distribution ring with Folger’s financial backing. Some researchers believe that Frykowski and Folger were the Family’s intended targets that fateful night on August 9th, 1969, and that Tate was not even supposed to be at the residency along Cielo Drive that night.

Journalist Maury Terry writes in The Ultimate Evil:

“According to police reports, friends of Frykowski and our own sources, Fryowski became involved in LSD dealing and also was offered a wholesale distributorship of the amphetamine MDA -which was found in both his and Folger’s systems the night they died.

“Fryowski, a recent immigrant to the United States, didn’t have the money to make wholesale drug purchases, he was unemployed. This was a subtlety the police apparently missed. But his girlfriend had the funds. Coffee heiress Abigail Folger had the cash to support Frykowski’s endeavor and our sources say she did just that.” (pg.486)

“A Los Angeles source who was knowledgeable about the Manson set in 1969 said: ‘Frykowski was the motive. He had stung his own suppliers for a fair amount of money and that didn’t go down well at all with the people at the top of the drug scene here. And to make it worse, he was upsetting the structure of the LSD marketplace by dealing independently, outside the established chain of supply. He was a renegade.” (pg. 489)

Terry goes on to breakdown the LA drug scene at the time and the players involved in the Fryowski hit:

“The Los Angeles drug scene in 1969 could be likened to a field of pyramids which roughly divided the marketplace into various specialized segments. Near the top of one pyramid, the chemical dope edifice, was a man connected to Jetz [a pseudonym Terry uses for mid-level dealer -Recluse] ; a superior, so to speak. This man was said to have been a former Israeli who had strong links to the international intelligence community. He wasn’t employed by U.S. or Israeli intelligence, at least not at the time of the murders. Rather, he was regarded as a rogue who, in addition to his elevated narcotics ranking, was suspected by some of being an operative for the Soviet Union; perhaps free-lance.” (pg.490)

Ronald Stark claimed at various times to be an Israeli and connected to the CIA. In Acid Dreams Lee and Shlain write: “His modus operandi was not unlike that of an intelligence operative. He often claimed to know exactly how things worked in the espionage community. He said he knew lots of spies, and to some friends he even boasted of working for the CIA.” (pg. 250)

Both Manson researchers Maury Terry and Ed Sanders believed Manson was in part carrying out a contract for a hippie cult deeply involved in the LA drug scene that had been burned by Fryowski. They presumed this cult was an organization known as the Process Church of Final Judgment, which will be examined in much greater length in a later installment. However, I will note Sanders and Terry both began to suspect the Process was a front for some kind of U.S. intelligence group:

“This information, which I unearthed in 1986, apparently explained something Ed Sanders earlier told me: ‘There were so many investigations going on out there after the murders that I began to wonder if the Process was a front for some intelligence operation.'” (The Ultimate Evil, pg. 490)


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That blew my mind.

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Wow. And great idea! haha

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The Folger/Maccoby family is really interesting. They are responsible for the Shakespeare museum in D.C. I know some Shakespeare fans and they are ‘all in’! Having a hard time making a family tree to see how the family connects to MKUltra and the CIA (Most likely there is no provable link). Since the conspiracy theory is that Tate and Folger were not killed but rather moved to another operation. It’s intriguing because TODAY so many people are researching this whole crisis actor recycling thing… That’s another can of worms 🙂

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i overheard someone mention a Folger heiress today, turns out her murderer was denied parole a 14th time along with the others.http://www.mercurynews.com/2016/12/29/former-manson-follower-seeks-parole-for-14th-time/

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Mike is apparently buddies with King Carl XVI Gustaf, along with his wife, seem to have a checkered past.


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Where in the article does it state that they are buddies? Also, as far as I know, there have not been any proof of the swedish King visiting strip clubs/porn clubs. On the contrary, the proof that this criminal shit head Mille Markovic (who is dead nowadays) claimed to have, turned out to be fake: http://www.expressen.se/nyheter/sa-hittade-datahackern-stig-britt-ratt-kungabild/http://www.ajour.se/flashback-avslojar-expressens-foto-pa-kungen-som-fejk/

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I looked into the hotel property for the silsby trip a while back, and I’m pretty sure i know which one they “bought” to convert. I never could connect it to anyone, so i didn’t write it up.

I will throw my evidence in here later but it revolved around the “45 room” phrase in all the reports. I found one old listing of such a hotel, with the same wording, but the address was scrubbed. Used Google satellite to match it up, found some pictures on the new site that matched the sale site…

Anyway, i think the name of the place was D’Reem Resort. It’s now a kite surfing themed resort with a similar name…kite dreem, i think. Dreem was archived in the wayback machine. ..look for it, and look for the pic on the bottom right associated with their karaoke nights.

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I think I could help you with that. I found an old blog (currently removed, luckily stored on archives) by a blogger in Haiti who personally met Silsby called Haitian Vox, who had described in detail the events of the Laura Silsby child-trafficking case. She wrote in detail how sketch Silsby was. Apparently the people (real estate agents) in Dominican Republic who assisted her were Jose Hidalgo and Robert Denvert. Btw, one of these two were Laura Silsby’s romantic partner, no joke. They’re definitely strong leads. https://web.archive.org/web/20100403060948/http://www.haitivoxbulletin.com/2010/02/special-report-puello-says-other.html

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Nice. It’ll be a while before i can post anything. Lots of moving parts today. Luckily i already have everything i found in archive.is, just need to write it all up. Will follow your leads too.

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Wasnt there – do i remember this right – a record where alefantis made one of his visits to the WH on the same day that silsby did ? Or was it alefantis and some other trafficker?

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Holy fuck, you’re right. I forgot about that.

EDIT: Nevermind, apparently that was fake.

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I wonder if we are all being used to measure our ability to investigate FBI cases for free via this #pizzagate thing. There is a lot of false evidence being introduced into the fray that I am glad is being downplayed or refused. Good for us.

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That was shown to be fake I believe – there wasn’t a record of Silsby being there – see the comments on this post: https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1467612

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I think this is not confirmed because it was just screencaps and for some reason we can’t find Silsby from the WH records. Only Alefantis. Yes she has changed her name but still.

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What was her name change?

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It was wrong. There is no record showing Alefantis visiting at the same day as Laura Silsby/ Gayler. That was just a glitch in the database program on the Whitehouse.gov website, that was misunderstood. There is no record of her visiting the White House at all. You might check it yourself if you do not believe me. The White House visitor files are also stored on the Wayback machine.

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You are correct. That was documented and somebody posted a screenshot.

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Oh. Now I’m reading WH visit by Silsby same day as Alefantis it hasn’t been verified…

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This looks good. Here’s the problem:

Alefantis is GREAT friends with Michael Maccoby

You didn’t prove this. I’d really like you to do so, but apart from having the audio of him at that meeting, you didn’t provide any corroborating evidence like pictures or articles to show a connection between Alefantis and Maccoby.

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Evidence added.

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Sorry, but which evidence did you add to prove this?

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Besides the picture with his daughter michael is the guy that says he will personally take down whoever opposes comet staying open till midnight

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Not sure this is the place for this info, but this article (note research resources–Harvard Human Rights Journal) contains a great deal of info about child trafficking operations and, in particular, detail of Silsby’s involvement, along with info on her attorney et al. http://harvardhrj.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/King.pdf — hope it proves helpful!

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Harvard School of Public Health has much info.on public health care and law, too.

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Sorry, am I missing something? It says here that Jorge Puello was Silsby’s lawyer? So she had a known trafficker representing her against a trafficking charge? At least he’d know all the ins and outs of trafficking.

Why was her lawyer a convicted child trafficker? Jorge Torres-Puello was accused of leading a network that recruited children for prostitution in Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic and El Salvador. Jorge Torres-Puello also allegedly worked undercover with the DEA and Homeland Security according to him and his mother.

It seems all so incestuous. http://wearechange.org/pizzagate-nyt-boss-mark-thompson-covered-up-bbc-pedo-jimmy-savile-scandal/

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Yeah Jorge Puello came out of nowhere without any lawyer qualifications and pretended to be a lawyer, pretty sketch eh? He also knew the contact details for all the missionaries that came along with Laura Silsby.

[–] ZalesMcMuffin 1 points (+1|-0) ago

He pretended to be a lolyer? You can get in trouble for doing that, in America…

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@kevdude @wecanhelp told y’all https://discord.gg/RyQnYkD would be a good idea!™

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hi-fives the fellow investigator! 😀

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https://discord.gg/RyQnYkD OK I got the app…now what?


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@Blank902 if you open the link, ( https://discord.gg/RyQnYkD ) it should add you to the v/pizzagate room!

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What are we looking at, again?

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v/pizzagate investigation discord server!

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Why are people linking to a site that can only be viewed by downloading an app? What is discord.gg?

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on Desktop you can access it through a browser even with Tor, but for mobile, you need the app. It’s a messaging platform. Would you reccomend using facebook messenger or slack through a mobile browser? same deal here

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Must read and archive. Connects to my other comments on @quanrokitty Virginia and Webb subverse:

Congressional volume 150 move 18- Nov 10 , 2004. Put boystown in that google search. Around 30/pages can free.

Boystown new mexico, google search. Not far from Epstein, nm ranch. Utube videos, much more.

Already commented on boystown connection to haitee refugee, deportees on other comments, include must read free pages on Google books by Haitian survivors, let Haiti live, includes over 100 boystown , vurginia , Dc boystown and others, all all coastal areas, besides Nebraska, two research hospitals nationwide, India, abroad.

Also in the Haiti book is how va, Dc, NYC, and other group homes with boystown, and “sponsor families.!!! Regardless if immediate family in relatives, the book outlines how seperared even from contact, deplorable conditions, and cannot even contact their foia lawyers for their court cases as needed.

Krane Service Provmcrsding on Facebook has mass family me.here protesting and advocating. Ecuadorians are having mass problems, also of not able to reach family members.

Boystown website, over 100 USA areas, they do Community Assessments in impoverished areas. In the victim book, Let Haiti live, you can see how ones are ROUTED, into different groups by ages, gender, medical, asylum seekers, etc.

A dentist is even used to route boys near non minor age to krane or Broward jail OR boystown in miami, before those minors are routed to other Boystown group homes , SPNSOR families ( esp VA and NYC). There IS a boystown in va, Dc, Texas, new mexico, Florida Miami and panama, group homes in Orlando and all over), boystown research hospitals.

As most only speak creole, at the docks they must quickly figure out how to scream Asylum. If they convince the ice/ dop officers, the asylum ones are brought to Guatima, to be interviewed again. Then routed to NICARAGUA, Australia, or Venezuela.

O cannot stress the SYSTEMIZED ROUTING SYSTEM, and how important to read this book, archive it. Congressional volume 150 Nov 18, 19, 2004 Boystown on googlecread, also.

My other comments have a lot more of these pieces that need archiving. Boystown is so huge that even gold silver IRA and coins ate being sold. Easy Google search.

Google Boystown, new mexico.

Google Boystown, India, and the two research hospitals. Read Boystown websites and wikipedia in full.

Read wikipedia of every Ireland case, and trace the nun organ with the pope to all their USA and ww locations.

Read a d archive www.chsrlesortez.com on his four yr investigation of Clinton Foundation. So many violations and places, people listed, USA to worldwide to dig.

Haiti gal that died, the industry center is also key.

Everything is a industry profit and related to public health care Obamacare, bush care, CP’s, drop, ice, and so many low to high staff of govt and Corporste and us- aid. The Haiti book, also specifies many of them, REPEATEDLY.

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Is this the same guy, author and Psychoanalyst and anthropologist and much more.


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take all my voats today

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This could be FUCKING HUGE.

Look into EVERY interaction that Friends of the Orphans has had with any children (or adults) within the past 10 years, until we find Alefantis.

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Great work here! Uproot!

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I believe Laura Silsby is also mentioned in some of George Webb’s YT videos, in reference to each area in the ME that was overthrown, rebuilt, oil lines run, etc., (thus highly populated areas in the process), they also coincidentally have many supposed ‘rescued’ children from the war, who end up then missing, just as new brothels are opened…

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Nice work here this is highly significant. I will throw you a piece or two on Izette which links in here, she was actually born in Mexico, which appears to tie in with the bio for Max who spent time 64-66 putting Izette at 50 odd here If you lookup izette (on mobile can’t find atm but public record) listed at Bethesda you will see the full name as Izette M(accoby) Folger

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Izette seems like and interesting person. Her art is unremarkable but it doesn’t carry the pandering satanic/pedo symbolism of everybody else involved with Alefantis. She paints classic impressionist nature mortes (well, it means dead nature in english so… double entendre LOL). She seems like a private person. When people look at the photo of Caris chewing money, they don’t seem to catch on that it’s Izette’s money and, most likely, she is the one who travelled to London. Other than her very strong connectedness to James, I don’t find anything specifically odd about Izette.

[–] Commonwombat 2 points (+3|-1) ago

So many people doing great detective work, I’m so impressed! The pieces just keep falling ever so neatly into place. Well done!

[–] YingYangMom 2 points (+2|-0) ago

Well done 😀

[–] MadMonkey 2 points (+2|-0) ago

How do you know the man in the audio is Maccoby?

This could be a really good connection.

[–] redberries [S] 6 points (+6|-0) ago  (edited ago)

Because he announced his address before he started his speech, per the request of the commissioner lady. Apparently you have to announce your address before you speak. It takes awhile to discern it, but you can hear “number Linnean Ave”, which is the address of the Maccoby Group. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to write the full address, let me know if I should take this down.

[–] LoPhatt 1 points (+1|-0) ago

That’s great work. These are the type of associations that drive the obvious home. They want very badly for this to just “go away”. Someone here commented that it was a “small clique”. I don’t think so. “Small” is relative. It is worldwide. This particular circle is larger than D.C., obviously, but it is only one of many.

This is a large operation that is linked to officialdom in this country and others. There are billions of dollars connected to it. This will not go away if we keep digging and shedding more light. Light is the perfect disinfectant for this.

[–] Rusdy 1 points (+1|-0) ago

GREAT POST! Props for that.

Seriously this is some good shit. I joined the Discord.

[–] Millennial_Falcon 1 points (+1|-0) ago

@redberries, there’s something you’re forgetting. I’m pretty sure Izette Folger gave a statement in support of Laura Silsby!

[–] Orange_Circle 1 points (+1|-0) ago

Upvote for great investigating!

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Fantastic contribution to the investigation. Thank you and congrats!

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Amazing research. Just wow!

[–] Millennial_Falcon [M] 1 points (+1|-0) ago


there’s a man that stands up to threaten Frank Winstead to say “I will personally take anyone who opposes this down”. His name is Michael Maccoby

How do you know he’s Michael Maccoby?

[–] redberries [S] 2 points (+2|-0) ago

He says his address before he starts his speech. His address is the same address as Maccoby Group.

[–] Millennial_Falcon [M] 6 points (+6|-0) ago  (edited ago)

Do you recall about where in the audio file that is? Thanks. (It would be good to add that info to your post.)

EDIT: I found it myself by listening to the mp3. It’s at 31:40. Wow, the guy sounds like a complete shill.

I’m flairing this post as important. I also want to note, for anyone concerned, that I scanned the file online with Metadefender and it came up clean. Have a listen.

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Has anyone reached out to Joe Biggs (he was down in Haiti with a team filming)….someone should give him this info as their team is putting together footage from their Haiti trip

[–] quantokitty 1 points (+1|-0) ago

Okay, does JA have any friends NOT involved with orphans/disadvantaged children? Great find. The rabbit hole and scumsucking affiliations just get dirtier and scuzzier, and people can’t see that something’s going on?

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Nice work

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Outstanding work, mate! I’m also adding your links and key information from this post to my ongoing record of filth.

Reviewed that link to the wiki for the orphanage, “Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos”. The logo struck me as odd for some reason. Maybe it’s because I’ve been immersed in this investigation since I created my voat accout, but I look at that and I see a pedo standing next to his next round of victims.

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About Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos: Otis McAllister has a direct relationship with NPH, http://docplayer.es/688118-2-otis-mcallister-inc.html, What is Otis McAllister? http://www.otismcallister.com/ So we have a company that does global trades, moves a lot of goods all over the world, including Guatemala, http://www.otismcallister.com/community/guatemala.html In that page we see Fotokids: “Beginning in 2006, we became involved with Fotokids (Fundacion de ninos artistas Guatemala) in Guatemala. Fotokids aims to teach kids in poorer areas of Guatemala skills in manual and digital photography, giving them the chance to develop themselves artistically.” When you visit the page: https://fotokidsoriginal.org/ you see the board members: Royce Nicolaisen as Vice President who is also the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Otis MC Allister. http://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=472790&privcapId=6513055 Fotokids’ Nancy McGirr gets the spotlight in washingtonpost and nytimes: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/inspired-life/wp/2015/03/12/how-photojournalists-in-guatemala-rescued-children-from-the-garbage-dumps/?utm_term=.8afca25f8883 and http://lens.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/10/24/from-out-of-the-dump-to-the-top-of-the-heap/

And then we have a member of the Podesta group: http://www.podesta.com/talent/john-ward-anderson Work One of the longest-serving foreign correspondents in the history of The Washington Post, serving as bureau chief in New Delhi, Mexico City, Istanbul, Jerusalem and Paris Former top editor at Politico Has amassed a rolodex of reporters around the world Shepherds foreign heads of state and top diplomatic officials through media training and elevates their reputations through high-level press placement and engagement strategy And under Play: Play Provides pro bono work for Guatemala-based organization, Fotokids, which helps educate, feed and teach practical skills to underprivileged Guatemalan kids. Married to a fellow former Washington Post reporter Served as the inspiration for a main character in “Capital News” a TV show about a major newspaper in Washington, DC, in the 1990s So, now we have a member of the Podesta group who does pro bono work for a Guatemalan foundation called Fotokids whose vice president is CEO of OtisMcallister that deals with Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos in Guatemala. And you have Mccoby dealing with NPH too.

BTW, besides NPH there is another organization called children of faith http://childrenoffaithmissions.org/who-we-are/ reaching India.

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This is some good research

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Interesting note about Greta V. She has been ((very)) involved with Haiti and the atrocities that have taken place there. She migh be a good “voice” for PG. How could we get her involved? Anyone have connections to her or her people?

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If “Greta V.” is Greta Van Susteren, she was responsible for defending Harry Vinson in the Craig Spence/Larry King paedo ring prostitution bust-up in DC in the 90s. She was turned by the DC Attorney’s office or possibly Secret Service, essentially abandoning Vinson to the wolves, and subsequently experienced a bout of Upward Mobility, including her own TV show. If she’s involved in Haitian orphanages, I really doubt it’s because she’s on the side of the angels here.

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There may be something here, but it’s important to remember that in the rich circle that Alefantis moves in, of course there’s going to be some attached to children’s charities. Even connecting Laura Silsby would not be too much of a stretch. Also, remember Silsby’s cover story is that she was a Christian missionary trying to help/save those children. It’s not entirely unbelievable that a white American Christian would think that they were “helping” children in Haiti by taking them away from their parents because that’s the way those people think. They think they’re the white hand of God being extended to poor brown peoples. Actual proof of the intent to traffic those children needs to be found. Even the child-trafficking lawyer is not proof of anything, other than she hired a lawyer who was experienced in those matters in that country. And Hillary’s interest in Silsby doesn’t prove anything, either, as American officials are usually involved when American citizens get detained/arrested in foreign countries.

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Incredible work.

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A reminder to anyone who has common sense: Never download apps from strangers! Make sure you can trust them first

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The link to the mp3 files is a link I found on the article about Frank Winstead. You can get it off there if you’re paranoid.

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I’m sorry you took that comment personally, but this stuff ain’t no joke; people need to be cautious about what they’re downloading.

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Good work

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Thanks. We appreciate your efforts.

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Congratulations- very well done! Off to read it again!

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Slightly off topic but this “art” https://youtu.be/YvEO4Ts3czoYouTube and artists is connected with high officials such as Arnold Schwarzenegger. I have some inside knowledge about this if anybody wants to dig deeper.

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I’m interested…

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Unrelated to THIS thread but could be posted as new article. Just add some artist statements, shows and notable connections.

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Great work man.

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great work guys

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Laura Silsby trafficked children with the agreement of their parents to have them adopted in the USA. That is key. She was not sentenced for trafficking with any implication of sexual abuse going on. She tried to undergo the system to improve the situation of both the children’s families and the children. The implication with almost every Laura Silsby post here is the exact opposite.

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“The parents gave their consent to the missionaries to take their children under the impression that Silsby and her group were providing shelter and education; the parents’ understanding was not that they were permanently parting with their children. Contrary to the parents’ expectations, Silsby’s express intent—according to her online action plan—was to place the children for adoption.”

Page 10 http://harvardhrj.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/King.pdf

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I’m sick of seeing these huge connections/breakthroughs everyday that ultimately amount to nothing. Frustrating.

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Come on now, that isn’t the attitude to take. There are more parties at work here than we realize. A lot of people want to see humanity get out of these very old habits.

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Festival of Smoke that will choke us all to death. I think it is a very sophisticated and airtight enterprise they have going on here. 65 years of work with all the money in the world will do that.

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