Overprescribed and Underage Legal Drug Use in Australia – Friend Or Foe – The Untold Story Of Australian Psychiatry


Psychiatric Labelling and Drugging of Australian Children: The Facts

There has been a dramatic increase in the psychiatric labelling and prescription of psychotropic drugs to Australian children. Parents have a right to know of all the alternatives and potential side effects of psychotropic drugs proposed for their children so they can give fully informed consent. Yet there are many…


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Australia is experiencing a tidal wave of psychiatric drugging. In a population of just over 24 million, more than 35 million prescriptions are written for psychiatric drugs every year, with $8 billion spent annually on mental health. Of great concern is the growing numbers of children and teenagers on antidepressants when no antidepressant is approved for use in children under the age of 18 for depression. Considering the huge increases in psychiatric drug consumption over the last twenty years – drugs we are told are nothing short of miraculous – why aren’t we doing better? This compelling documentary details the real story of what lies behind the ever-increasing psychiatric funding and drugging of our children and society. Watch Psychiatry Friend or Foe The Untold Story of Australian Psychiatry. It is vital information everyone needs to know.


  1. Angela Coral Eisenhauer Reply

    http://www.study329.org dedicated parents, won the court to have the lies of Paxil testing exposed, hope you read it, all those names on that picture, ALL NAMES FOR PAXIL, the more names they give a drug, the less likely people to realise they all been poisoned by the same thing.
    anyone want the download of MERCK corruption, book called Side Effects: death,,,,,,,,,, I will pdf you a copy. it is the confessions of a pharma insider. [email protected] I don’t want that mongrel making a penny from his book, he wrote, cause Merck dumped him. Vioxx, all Zoloft, all of the Merck drugs, all listed, one by one, and the truth about them.

  2. Angela Coral Eisenhauer Reply

    USA ? drugged a child at two, the poor tike was dead by three, where is child protection in these evil cases? Terrible twos, give em paxil? Stunts their growth, destroys their brains, but quote a drug rep “”get the kids on drugs young, you got a customer for life””

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