Open Letter to Dean and Staff of the Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health of UOW by Judy Wilyman

Open Letter to the University of Wollongong (UOW)


To UOW head of Public Health and the executive dean of the Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health


Dear Professors Heather Yeatman and Alison Jones and UOW academics/staff,


I am forwarding you my first newsletter for 2017 that includes a 9-part documentary confirming the conclusions in my PhD thesis. This research shows that many vaccines have not been proven to be safe or effective and that the combined schedule of vaccines, that is now mandated in Australian social welfare policies for all children up to 20 years of age (with the removal of religious and conscientious exemptions), has never been tested for safety. Scientists are relying on the claim that “the correlation of vaccines with increased chronic illness, cancer and autism in the population does not equal causation”. This is confirming the fact that governments have never investigated this link with properly designed placebo controlled studies and therefore do not have the scientific evidence to claim that the National Immunisation Program is ‘safe and effective’.


I have previously informed you that it is a criminal offence to be promoting false and misleading information on the university website that can harm human health. Yet you have remained silent to my requests for evidence for your opinions on immunisation.


Heather Yeatman has been the head of the UOW School of Public Health since 2006 and she is also the president of the Public Health Association of Australia (PHAA). This is a potential conflict of interest in her opinions on vaccination because the PHAA supports the lobbying strategies of the Stop the Australian Vaccination Network (SAVN) – a group that is suppressing scientific debate with false and misleading information. SAVN is an offshoot of the Australian Skeptics Inc groups and many subscribers of these lobby groups write derogatory blogs about academics and other professionals that are debating the medical risks of vaccines  (now labelled as ‘anti-vaccination material).


Please see the attached article by my supervisor Brian Martin exposing the SAVN attacks on my research in the Australian mainstream media and also my latest newsletter that includes a link to free viewing of the latest 9-part documentary of the risks of vaccines. Newsletter 142 Vaccines: A Public Health Experiment


This letter is an open letter so your silence and willingness to keep your names on the UOW website without a transparent debate is being noted by the global community. I have also copied the Vice-Chancellor, Paul Wellings into this email so he is aware that the opinion of immunisation that is being promoted on the UOW website is not based on scientific evidence. The public wants a transparent debate on this topic and universities play a role in ensuring that the information they are promoting is provided with integrity.


I look forward to hearing from you and I will publish your response for public debate.


Kind regards,

Judy Wilyman PhD

PhD thesis – The Science and Politics of Australia’s Vaccination Policies (

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