Monsanto Caught Running a Massive Troll Farm To Maliciously Smear Anti-GMO Activists

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  1. Angela Coral Eisenhauer says:

    John Entine is a twit, been posting paid garbage for years. Had the flashest facebook page even years ago (but had no followers) now he has all the paid Mumbai shills in tow, looks a bit more respectable in numbers following him, The stuff he posts is pure garbage. I got blocked by him and his discuss shills, years ago, he is a corporate corrupt as they come, and quite thick (ie doenst know much about GMO or anything)

  2. Angela Coral Eisenhauer says:

    And flashest webpage, no followers 🙂 obviously just another “”not for profit”” where “”sponsors”” pay him massive amounts. All his comments are shills, all of them, go a whole heap copied somewhere, they are laughable.

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