Agenda 21 – Depopulation of the World with 95% of Population by 2030 is Now Underway

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  1. Glen Folkard says:

    Yea here is dumbass Austraya sharks, snakes, crocodiles.. well any animal that kills Humans really, Funnel Web spiders ALL “protected” why? The Human death rate from all these things rises from 1992′ and that sick in the head Rio Earth Summit in Brazil. Enjoy your deadly animals and their shows that promote them Earth. Thanks for voting them ahead of us.

  2. Bobi says:

    Prove your case

    It appears that references to population 500 million have been expunged from Agendas 21 and 2030. Unless bloggers have retained copies of the original, its hard to prove anything. Does this site have originals archived? Can somebody post it?

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