5 Stories You Are Missing While the Media Hypes a Nuclear War with North Korea

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  1. Williabtm says:

    Given that the people of the World today have a much greater opportunity to discover the ill-deeds of their own nation (I speak of the Word-wide internet) the same problem still exists whereby only the same ratio number of people attempt to access the real truth within America.

    With the mainstream media acting the role of Hermann Goering during World War 2 there will be the ever-increasing international Human Rights crimes committed by the American administration considering the same war and invasion strategies even more plaguing upon the World we live in.
    America as a nation with the actual controls of America still held by the same incorrigible lobbyists arising from the weapons manufacturing corporations, then the many and various other ill-desired and destined corporations that benefit from the apocalypse inflicted upon each invaded far smaller county, none more a dangerous a lobbyist is America’s own Pentagon, filled with its high level war-hawk generals and their goon-like believers attempting to outdo each other with even more rampant plans of invade and conquer as their measure both of acclaim and success.
    America has become a nation based upon the irresolute determined making of war ,utilizing their military threatening and overlording capacity unique to America, that now directs its constant destructive ambition which is to take full control of our World.
    Better for the other nations and countries in our World the portending eruption of the Yellowstone National Park super Volcano that it begins sooner than later, just so to inflict the harms of mother nature now due upon such a rapacious war-mongering Nation where evil stands so prominent throughout the government administration of the entire USA.

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