The Witch Hunt for Doctor Pot – Is It All A Cover To Stop The Truth About Chase?

Written by Bernie Smith

The times are dire when a pioneer of medicinal cannabis in Australia has been arrested at a time where the world has caught on to the benefits of cannabis, it is becoming more and more clear that in Australia it appears that the politicians are completely controlled by big pharma and their interests.

Doctor Pot – Andrew Katelaris with Chase

Doctor Pot, Andrew Katelaris has been a controversial figure, to say the least. Just google his name and many articles will appear written about him over the last decade and a bit. Many hit pieces from mainstream media sources. Accusing him of harming his patients. But the one thing that stands out when reading all these articles. Doctor Andrew Katelaris has been at the forefront of the fight against cannabis prohibition in Australia. He has done research into medicinal cannabis and has shown over the years that medicinal cannabis has major benefits for many patients.

Over the years he has been on shows and has put himself out into the public eye to create understanding and support for the use and legalization of (medical) cannabis. He was given the nickname doctor Pot in the media and wore that name with pride. In 2006 he escaped a prison sentence when police found almost 50.000 cannabis plants on his property in the Hunter Valley. Dr. Katelaris who gave up his medical registration in 2003 so he could continue to administer cannabis to patients was given a light sentence due to the crop being of a low THC and thus not valuable as an illegal drug.

In 2015 Doctor Katelaris stated in an interview that even after he was arrested and struck off the medical register, he was still prepared to go to prison for supplying medical cannabis to patients. Doctor Katelaris became more and more involved with small children suffering from seizures. He was involved in giving recommendations to Sydney University about CBD oils. He has been a welcomed guest to talk about the benefits of medicinal cannabis in the Australian media.

But Andrew Katelaris was arrested for allegedly supplying and cultivating large quantities of commercial cannabis and even profiting of the proceeds of crime. A ridiculous allegation when it is widely known that the pot supplied by Dr. Katelaris is given away free to many of his patients. The proceed of crime allegation is based on 10.000 dollars found in his house. Which was given to him by a stage 4 cancer patient who wanted to help Dr. Katelaris in his good work. It is, even more, peculiar that this latest onslaught on Dr. Pot comes at a time when the rest of the world is looking into the benefits of medical cannabis. Areas like Portugal, Colorado, and California have ended the prohibition of cannabis altogether. All of them with great results and none of them reporting the doom scenarios that were predicted by people against the legalization. Not to forget that only this week the World Health Organisation released a statement in which they claim medicinal marijuana should be available to patients worldwide.

Dr. Andrew Katelaris was heard via video link in Sydney court on 15 December 2017. He spoke about his appalling treatment he has been receiving over the last 10 days. He was held in solitary confinement for 10 days. He was not granted any visitations rights, not for his legal team or his wife, son or confidant. After having is say in court he was granted a move to a minimum security facility where he will be over the holidays to await his bail hearing on 24 January 2018.

Why is it that in Australia, a country where 90 to 95% of voters say they are happy for medical cannabis to be implemented, the 9 federal and state health ministers all are opposed to this? What could be the underlying reasoning for Australia to do the opposite of what seems to be a trend worldwide? Could it be that the pharmaceutical industry has a much larger hold over the political landscape in this country compared to many others? Could it have to do with the conflicts of interest that many of Australia’s politicians have with big pharmaceutical companies?

Or is it even more sinister than this? A hit piece released in The Australian newspaper on 14 December attacks not only Dr. Katelaris but a small wellness and religious outfit in Newcastle as well. The Church of Ubuntu has been, like Dr. Katelaris, at the forefront in the fight against the prohibition of cannabis. But The Australian made many false accusations about Dr. Katelaris and members of Ubuntu. As was outlined by one of the church’s main members, Paul Robert Burton. His Facebook post outlined that Dr. Katelaris has never been a member of this church and that he only ever rented a room for consultations there.

The most striking points that Paul Robert Burton makes in this post are his last three. All to do with the boy who can’t be named. As Paul is one of the people gagged and unable to speak openly about this case he indeed is unable to name the boy in public. Many people reading this article will know the name of Chase Walker-Steven. A boy with severe (vaccine-induced) cerebral palsy who made a remarkable recovery after he was treated with cannabis oil and fed a plant-based diet. His family was attacked over and over again, by medical professionals who felt that Chase should be on medications for his condition and seizures. Even though it is clear he is allergic to some of his medication and this increases his seizures.

In May 2017 Chase was forcefully removed from his parents while in a hospital in Newcastle, New South Wales. This was after the parents were hunted down when an Amber Alert was issued in regard to Chase. Even though the parents never did anything wrong and left the hospital with Chase without any issue. Only to realize that their pictures were splashed all over the internet and media a few hours later. On 20 May, while his father was held in a toilet at the John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle, Chase was grabbed from his mother’s screaming and crying arms to be taken into the state’s care. Dr. Katelaris and the Church of Ubuntu were both involved in the treatment of Chase and were vocal about exposing the underlying corruption to do with this case. A Sunday Night Report aired on television. With both some church members as well as dr. Katelaris talking about this boy, his treatment, and his family. This broadcast has been removed from the internet since then.

This video below gives an idea of the story of Chase.

Since May of this year, Chase has been held by FACS. The child protective service of New South Wales. They have been unwilling to work with the family and have put him back on his cocktail of pharmaceuticals and chemicals that made him sick and seizure up to 100 times a day. Since then most of the people involved in this case have been gagged and the story has been almost impossible to follow. here are some links in regard to Chase’s story since his abduction in May.

August 2017 – Chase the Boy Who Can’t Be Mentioned

November 2017 – Chase Walker Steven Vs. Systematic Corruption 

November 2017 – Chase – Fears for the Boy Who Can’t Be Named 

Does the Chase saga make sense of the witch hunt against Dr. Katelaris? Could it be like Paul Robert Burton has stated? Could it all have to do with the corruption within FACS in New South Wales? His points are compelling. And it could explain the peculiar timing around this arrest.

We will try and keep you updated on the plight of Dr. Andrew katelaris and around any news about the boy who can’t be named.

And if possible please consider supporting Dr. Andrew Katelaris with his court proceedings by donating towards his Go Fund Me Account.

Dr. Katelaris will not be home for Christmas. Cini and Marc will have to spend their Christmas without their son as well. The harmful policies of the New South Wales and Australian governments to gag and shut down anyone involved in this case is nothing more than a way to keep the public unaware. Unaware of the corruption that is a large part of the child protection system. People like Dr. Katelaris have tried to show this corruption and have fought to stop the medical kidnaps of children like Chase. Only to end up persecuted and vilified in the mainstream media and losing their professional accreditations while doing so. A clear sign of the way the media, politicians and the medical establishment in Australia have taken control of the narrative.

Please talk about this story. Share it with your friends and family. According to polls, a vast majority of Australians are in favor of the legalization of medical cannabis. Ask yourself why the health ministers in Australia don’t want this easy win of votes. What could be more important than getting voted back in? Could it be that some very influential corporate interests could make or break politicians in this country? Without an established alternative media source, the information supply is controlled by a few.

We have the power to stop this monopoly! Truth, love, and peace are all we need!


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