Is the Director-General of FACS Owned by the Powers Who Steal Children Like Chase?

An opinion piece written by Bernie Smith

Meet Michaell Coutts-Trotter. Director-General of the New South Wales’ Department of Family and Community Services. Probably better known by its acronym. FACS. Coutts-Trotter is the highest public servant in this department and in that capacity is responsible for every case of the child services department. He was responsible and is responsible for many children being away from their families. Some for good reasons and some with good outcomes. But Coutts-Trotter is also responsible for the corruption that runs rampant in his department.

FACS has been responsible for the removal of many children with disabilities over the years. And there are many stories circulating of loving and caring families that lose their children to the child protection system. Only because they can’t access the help and services they need to raise their children. Services that are widely available to these children as soon as FACS does decide to remove these children.

The question must be asked. Is there a bigger agenda working behind the scenes of this government agency?

As the case of Chase Walker-Steven has shown for everyone to see. Trying to help your kid with plant-based medication can be a reason to have your child removed. Even though these parents are undoubtedly trying to do the best for their son. The issue is that the corruption in the health sector has created a corrupt government that will use all of its tentacles to keep their destructive and evil policies going. It will remove these children in order to keep the truth hidden. The truth that pharmaceutical medications can be detrimental. 

Chase’s case is not an isolated one either. There are many distraught parents voicing their concerns about the treatments of them and their children by FACS employees. It appears that many of these parents have disabled children who are being placed in the care of external organizations. Organisations that are sometimes for-profit companies that will treat these children as commodities. Where they are nothing more than a number and where they are nothing more than a bag of money from the government. Because all these children are a bag of money for these organizations. And the more complex the needs of the child, the larger the bag will be. Some of these organizations will try and cut as many corners as possible on the treatment side. Effectively making money by not using all the money allocated to the child. And reporting large profits to their owners and/or stockholders. 

This system moves immense amounts of money. Hundreds of millions of dollars every year to these organizations. Organisations that have management teams which are made up largely of people who spend time working for FACS in the past. In reality, the pool of people running this whole system is small. Mostly made up of people that known each other and the system for years. This is why the system will never see the changes and this is why Micheal Coutts-Trotter is the director. They need a person that will not change this system. The system will need to keep on going. Moving around the hundreds of millions of taxpayer money to these organizations, without question being raised or asked. 

Having an influential politician as a wife makes the smell of corruption very strong

Coutts-Trotter was arrested in 1986 for drug-related offenses. According to his Wikipedia page, Coutts-Trotter was convicted for the importation and distribution of heroin into Australia. He received a nine-year prison sentence. At the time Coutts-Trotter was a heroin dealer and user. Let me make something clear. I’m all for rehabilitation. And want people to be able to better their lives after they had a bad run with drugs. However, the department he runs now will not hire someone with the background of Coutts-Trotter. Not to work with the very vulnerable children his department is effectively looking after. You will not be deemed of the standard to work with these vulnerable children and families. And before he was given this role at FACS he was also involved in children and family affairs by running the Department of Education and Training. Why is it that this man with his background is allowed to be this close to a potentially very corrupt system. A system that moves hundreds of millions and by doing this is destroying the lives of many children and families. 

Coutts-Trotter has something that most don’t have. He has a very influential and powerful wife. Tanya Plibersek is a federal member of the Australian parliament and the deputy leader of the Australian Labor Party. Effectively making her one of the most powerful and influential figures in the Australian political landscape. Could it be that she has pushed her husband forward and that by using her contacts he was given these jobs? I think that anyone can look at this situation and ask themselves how the best possible candidate served a nine-year prison sentence. There must have been better people with cleaner pasts out there.

Taking this into account I think it is fair to say that in the least worrying scenario is a small case of misuse of power and corruption. The misuse of power and senior political positions being handed out as “gifts” to friendly powerful people around. But is this the case? Or could it be much more worrisome than this?

I don’t see how this isn’t corruption. But how deep does it go?

What if Michael Coutts-Trotter was given this position to make sure that the agenda of removal was followed. That the medical-health cartel that has a lot of control of Australian politics has decided to use the child services system to enforce their unscientific uses of medications on children. Could it be that he is in that position is used to make sure that these drugs that aren’t tested on children are administered in large amounts? Only to fill the pockets of the pharmaceutical industry. Could it be that the people involved, placing vulnerable people out of the home are not getting into trouble? What if Coutts-Trotter is there to make sure that they are protected? What if by appointing this man they made sure that the person responsible will never step out of line and expose the underlying agenda.They obviously have something on him as with his history just being in the position he is in, appears to be unnatural.

It is a question worth asking. Because if this man is in this position to protect the powerful people that want vulnerable children like Chase placed out of a home. Then it shows without any doubt that Australia is no longer a free country. At the least, it shows that a man with a past that most likely will see him disqualified from working with children is running a department that makes decisions about children and their families. And having an influential politician as a wife makes the smell of corruption very strong…

I don’t see how this isn’t corruption. But how deep does it go? Could it be like some have suggested that this man is only there to make sure that the evil and dark policies of FACS are being pushed through? A controllable pawn in a large game of control. Questions have to be answered. That much is clear.


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  1. Tanja says:

    I’m one of the mothers of children stolen by the system mentioned. My children were happy healthy and doing very well in school. We had an incident at home that led to my children being removed, forcebly from their home. When I tried to stop them they had me gaoled for five mths, and then ten mths of home detention, now currently serving out my two yr parole placed on me upon my release from home detention. I’ve seen and experienced first hand the lies n fabrications of this departments workers. Watched them grin at me as if to say, ” you have no rights, we are God ”
    How can they be stopped when they hide the truth in a mountain of lies? Why do the every day ordinary people not take notice and raise their voices to be heard with ours?
    P’s. My children’s grades have dropped dramatically and their actions in school now is not acceptable behavior. My thirteen yr old daughter has been expelled from her school recently for being aggressive towards other students (physically) and for letting off a smoke bomb in her class room. FACS, DOCS, DCP, CPD or whatever name they choose to change it to, has only had my children for nearly two years, and they are on their way down already 😢
    Fighting still…

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