How Everyone Can Help to Stop FACS and Their Fascist Police State Ways to Break Up Families

Written by Bernie Smith

Chase and his family need your support.

Did you watch the live feed of Chase being removed from the Church of Ubuntu back on the 19th of May? Did you follow the Facebook Lives while he improved in his family’s care before he was kidnapped? Did you see Chase thrive on the plant-based diet and cannabis oil? Did you see him laughing, interacting and moving like he hadn’t done in years?

Please consider writing up an affidavit that will help sue the FACS worker who took Chase from his caring family. To keep her accountable for her disgusting conduct and stop this climate in which people can just hide behind their “job”. It’s time we hold people accountable for what they are doing. If we can succeed and show that people like this FACS worker could be held accountable it will change the way other FACS workers will go ahead and remove children from now on.

This is not an isolated case and FACS has been traumatizing children and families in New South Wales for decades!

FACS will use police in riot gear to remove children from peaceful families. Read the article here. Only to hand them back weeks later. But how much have these kids been traumatized? These people making these decisions and running these operations will need to be held accountable. At this point in time no one is responsible and everyone hides behind each other. It is time we hold the people removing children responsible and with your help we can do exactly that.

Read the post from the Church of Ubuntu asking people who watched Chase improve in his family’s care to write up affidavits and hold the FACS workers responsible. Everyone who has seen Chase’s remarkable improvements while in his family’s care on the plant-based diet and the use of cannabis oil can write up an affidavit. Many of us have seen it on Facebook. We could all see the smiles, movements and visible improvements this child made while on the diet and oil.

We need to stand up to the government taking control of our children. They are our children and the government has no right to dictate how anyone raises their children as long as they do what is best for the child. If any doubt. The parents should always be given the benefit of the doubt. We can not pretend to live in a free country if this is not the case. Chase is now back on the pharmaceutical diet which almost killed him in the past. He is back on the cocktail of pharmaceutical medications to keep him from dying from the chemical rubbish he is being fed. Chase has none of his loved ones around and must be traumatized beyond belief. Chase can’t talk for himself and is most likely being held in a motel with agency workers keeping him alive and feeding him poison. It is only a matter of time before something serious will happen. There have already been reports of Chase being admitted to the hospital in a critical condition. Unfortunately, this can’t be reported on as the whole case is being gagged by the corrupt courts of New South Wales. It is time we stand up for this family and every other family who has been targeted by the disgusting conduct of the Australian government. Please make your voice heard and write an affidavit to support the Church of Ubuntu in their fight against this FACS worker.

Cini’s hand and arm after FACS and police forcefully removed her son from her arms on 19 May 2017.









See the whole story of Chase’s kidnap at the Truth Library Live Blog.

Read an update about the case from the Church of Ubuntu below in this Fabeook post.

-----Members of Ubuntu church Vs FACS employee----

Members of the Ubuntu church and witnesses of Chase’s kidnapping began their fight for justice yesterday as the first mention of the matter was listed before the court. The crown solicitor who is representing FACS requested gag orders on the case, to which the registrar denied. Unlike children’s court, this is an open court, and will be heard by a jury. With a bit of luck, the media might even be obliged to cover it.

The second mention is set for November 16th and the complainants will be pushing for bail conditions.

The first request made by the complainants is for the crown solicitor representing the FACS employee to step down from this case. It is a conflict of interest to have the crown representing an employee from an agency of the crown, in front of the crown - in a case of misconduct. If this request is denied, it may be decided to start the process of representing themselves in a High Court.

Chase’s kidnapper is facing the following charges:
1. Obstructing a member of the clergy in discharge of his or her duties (as per the Crimes Act) because they entered a place of worship. 
2. Misconduct in Public Office (Common Law offence) due to lies, harassment and the unnecessary removal of Chase.

Two victories have recently been won in Australia using this charge:…/eddie-obeid-sentenced-five-…/8122720 and…/ian-macdonald-found-guilty-…/8392458

PaulKarenColleenKerry-ann and friends are calling for Chase supporters to submit affidavits. Through social media live feeds we all saw Chase’s state of health when he was on hospital treatment, and we all witnessed the undeniable improvement in his health and progress in his abilities when he was on the treatment his parents chose for him. We saw the environment he lived in, the love and care he received.. we saw him laughing and connecting with his family..These things weren't possible on hospital treatment.

Unlike stat decs, affidavits are the equivalent of swearing under oath, but in writing. Also, even if the crown wanted to find an excuse not to examine them, affidavits must by law be counted as uncontested evidence. More advice will be posted regarding the affidavit later.

Also seeing as it is not a closed court now Pru Coward has no excuse to ignore us so please resend/send your letters (along with affidavits) to Church of Ubuntu, PO box 200 Newcastle. These letters will be delivered to Pru on the 18th of October at the next rally to #bringchasehome. Check out the event here: -

Feel free to copy this letter or use it as a base:

This is a rare opportunity to show our stand of solidarity in a court of law. This is our chance to show the crown that Australians will not allow children to be hurt, abused, traumatised and unlawfully stolen from their loving families... to show them we are united and will fight for each other against all injustice!

If you haven't yet done so, please like this page for Chase's Supporters:…/…

You can find a template for an affidavit at this link.

Thank you for your help!

Watch Chase laugh, move and interact while in his family’s care in the Facebook Live videos below.

And find many other videos of his remarkable recovery here.

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