At the Truth Libary, we will focus on showing the wrong in this world. Wrongs that can be seen in all aspects of our society. From medical corruption, vaccines and a health system that is built around keeping people sick. To corruption in politics, banking, and the corporate world. If we don’t stop the spiral we are in now, we will end up in a fascist state. Where alternative opinions, discussions, debates and having freedom of expression will just be concepts from the past. We will be brainwashed from an early age into believing the media, politicians and corporate science know it all. The greed will take over and our lives will be reduced to slaves in a system that is made to make money for the few.

The Truth Library will expose this and keep on writing articles around these subjects. From treating the world and its environment with respect. To treating us, the people, with respect. We will expose politicians and policies that are based on fraudulent claims and we will spread information when injustice occurs.

That’s our mission and that’s what we will do! 


The Truth Library has original content as well as content from other outlets.

The Truth Library is a self-funded initiative.If you want to help me out with server cost and our day-to-day operations you can donate money through PayPal.

Due to censorship by Google and others, I have been forced to stop advertising on my website. I rather post what I want without being told to remove it.  This means that I fund everything out of my own pocket. Which I do with pleasure. But if you are in a position to help. Please donate by using the tab below.

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Bernie Smith
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